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mother don't give birth to any more children. This is call for peace. If there is war in the present world every mother will lose her child


My mother does not give birth to children anymore

My mother does not give birth to children anymore

You are standing at a stone's throw distance ....... atomic in hand!

You can drop it, if you want.

Exploitation of the weak by the strong -

ongoing since the beginning of time!

A silent witness remains, only a page of history.

The arrogance of man's acquired power is very terrible.

Almighty God also seems to turn away from civilization.

I was not afraid of bloodthirsty imperialism.

So tomorrow's sunrise, you will take away from me.

You can take it...!

Cut my throat immediately, drink fresh blood

with a sip, maybe it's too easy for you!

But my fight is to survive

The fight of the weak... of freedom.

My fight is for rights.

The fight of the weak...... of hunger.

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It is as if the message of love has gradually passed through a distant desert country.

Humanity today, is limited to a hundred thousand atomic bombs.

But we want peace.

But really the existence of peace, reigned in the heart of human civilization?

Where day after day man only, In the game of replenishing the arsenal of destructive weapons;

Where the urge is simply, to show muscle power;

Where there is no humanity!

Destroy the sense of brotherhood!

Loveless social system!

By the side of man, even if animals stand.... Man does not stand-------
At least in that world, there is no peace....

There can be no peace!

You could stand with a flower!

With a little loving hand,

To be able to caress, many people!

Day and night could fill the sky and air of the

world with the song of love.....

But look at the sound of the wind.. the cries of

the little children of Ukraine.

The pen of a Ukrainian poet is writing with contempt for that nuclear bomb in your hand.

""My mother does not give birth to children anymore !!!

If there is a third world war

The world will not exist.

There will be no people! ..... This civilization built on the basis of people!

However, it may remain, a handful of seeds of power-hungry arrogance!!!

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