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Forward the Avalanche of Time


There I ascend the grassy hill below the endless sky

I know not ahead but exactly what’s there that I left behind

Ahead of me the plains do weave a golden sight to see

Then I hear a thundering sound as dust kicks up all around me

The heard thumps on incredulous of me, towards a never-ending horizon

A wolf among sheep I am not, but there I stand timid against the onslaught

And suddenly they turn away from me, down the rocky slope

Sit there I, contemplating time and all the vagaries of life

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Follow I must for its a sign and upon the waters I’ve reached

Renewed again, I continue along for surely a new life waits beyond

I sit here now, remembering that day and all it’s meant to many

Surveying I life with all its joys but not despairing the sorrows I’ve still wept

For the avalanche of time must never stop and swept away we all

In the end I’ve lived a truth knowing fortune's well is shallow

But hope springs eternal, if given a chance to drink of it again

© 2022 August Rex

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