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Fortune Telling Stories, A Short Story About A Crystal Ball


What is your future? Well, from what I can see in my crystal ball, in the next five minues, you will be immersed into a world of suspense. Fortune telling stories are hard to find but, with what I can see, as I scry the depths of obscurity, a story that will leave a shudder. This will sink into your very core to leave you with a chill.

This is a crystal ball story. If you look deeply into it's facets, you will find your truth - whatever this may be - a truth that if you were truly honest about yourself, you would change the essence of your whole being.

Take a peak, if you dare, into the the fortune telling world of the mystical Madam Rosie Sparrow...

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The Crystal Ball

The late afternoon sun streamed through the turned-back tent flap, letting in the fairground’s noise and smells into madam Rosina’s hushed scented domain.

It had been a busy day for Madam Rosina, or more properly Rosie Sparrow - when not wrapped up in a shawl and robe, and the small ornately carved box lying behind her high-backed chair was fairly bulging with the day’s takings.

Across the small table, on which stood the crystal ball, covered by it’s black velvet scarf, he sat...

‘Time for a cuppa’, decided Rosie, turning on the calor gas under her brightly coloured kettle and placing a tea-bag in her sun and moon mug.

There was a rustling at the entrance, as a tall gangling man, in his mid-thirties, stopped whilst awkwardly entered the tent. Rosie turned down the gas and waved her client to the chair opposite hers. Across the small table, on which stood the crystal ball, covered by it’s black velvet scarf, he sat.

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Skeleton, Scythe and The Tarot

Pulling her shawl over her dark hair, she removed the crystal’s cover and gazed deep and long into it’s depths. Normally she saw nothing except the iny imperfections of the crystalline structure, but to her astonishment, on this occasion, she saw a shadow swirling and unfolding in it’s centre.

The shadow twisted and spiralled like smoke which changed slowly into a recognisable shape – a shape familiar to those who know the Tarot. Dimly at first, but becoming clearer by the second, the outlines of a skeleton, it’s hollow face turned towards her, and carrying a scythe across it’s shoulder, brightened into sharp focus. She gasped and looked up into the face of the man sitting opposite her. His face too was skeletal. He had very pale blue eyes, so pale they were almost transparent.

He had thin white lips, which slowly twisted into an evil grin.

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Her mouth gaped open, like an entrance to hell...

She looked back into the crystal and the face of the man was mirrored in the face of the skeleton. She tried to stand, but she no longer had control over her body, only her eyes seemed to function. The kettle under low pressure slowly came to the boil, a deep low whistle which grew in intensity, filled the tent with sound.

She saw the man stand, saw his lanky form stoop over her and, unable to move, watched the long-bladed knife descend as if in slow-motion, down towards her throat.

Her mouth gaped open, like an entrance to hell. She screamed a long high-pitched scream, which joined the scream of the kettle, but her scream ended in a gurgle, long beofre that of the kettle.

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... crystal embedded deep in Rosie's throat ...

In the late afternoon sun, a tall rather lanky man clutching a small carve wooden box, slipped through the throng of fun-seekers at the fairground. The thump of rock music mixed with the screams from the ferris wheel and big dipper, drowned out the scream of the woman who discovered the bloody remains of Rosie Sparrow.

On the table the ball lay shattered. A long silver of crystal embedded deep in Rosie's throat, blood still welling from the gaping wound.

If anyone had bothered to have looke at the pieces of the shattered ball, they would have seen, mirrored in its' facets, the likeness of a skeletal face, with mad, pale blue eyes, staring out into eternity.

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Fortune Telling Stories, A Short Story Lesson Learned

Rosie Sparrow didn't predict her end in this fortune telling story. Maybe she should have looked more deeply into the crystal ball? But how could she ever know, for what matter, how can anyone know? The truth is that no one can tell us our journey through life, only us as individual's can know. This is just a tiny unfolding glimpse, like the scene of a film - minute by minute, hour by hour. The words from the film 'Vanilla Sky' comes to mind, when I think of this... 'For every waking moment, there is a chance to turn it all around'. This moment is your chance, turn it around and love life, for it is only now that is important.

© 2011 Shazwellyn - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on November 30, 2011:

Kingphilip - I am happy you passed by! Thank you :)

Ramphil Basco from Iloilo, Philippines on November 30, 2011:

Interesting hub and very nice story. I'm very happy that you share it to us.. :) Keep it up..

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on November 24, 2011:

Thank you Happy... I think if Rosie did things in 'a certain way' (Wattles), she would have found heaven on earth. Her mind set was in a competitive role, where money dominates, and she paid the ultimate price. Poor Rosie.

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on November 23, 2011:

Loved this chilling story with a moral, and the last sentence of the hub which I believe with all my heart: " 'For every waking moment, there is a chance to turn it all around'. This moment is your chance, turn it around and love life, for it is only now that is important."

If we keep ourselves open to new beginnings they are there for the taking.

Congratulations on winning the daily drawing on this hub. Looks like the fates were much kinder to you than to Rosie!

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on November 23, 2011:

Thank you Robert. If you look closely in the crystal ball picture, you will see something. It is a face of an old gentleman with a white beard... can you see it? How spooky is that!? And it was a photo that I had created - no trick photography or anything!

rOBERT hEWETT SR. from Louisville, Kentucky on November 22, 2011:

Great story Sharon, congratulations on winning the daily post award. Bob

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on November 21, 2011:

Thank you Hmrjm1. There are lessons to be learned here, eh? lol

RedElf - I am glad you liked it. Maybe you would like to look into the crystal ball and tell me what you see.. lol

RedElf from Canada on November 20, 2011:

What a well-told tale, shaz! Poor Rosie! Lucky us!

Hmrjmr1 from Georgia, USA on November 20, 2011:

Very interesting Shaz great job!