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Paintings enlighten and poems entice our senses. Please visit my Amazon book page at M. L. Borges. It's filled with paintings and poems.

Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers


The shackles of life

Surround us

Bondage to a world

Full of hateful spite

We wander as the lost

A barren desert of emptiness

Deep rooted dark ends

Of bounded walls

That keep us enclosed

In our own prisons

We step outside

Steeped in madness

To squelch our furry

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Then come back

Devoid from emptiness

The plague engrosses us

Each and every day

Until we melt into the way

That brings our soul peace

The one and only access

To freedom

Forgiveness is the key

That unlocks the door

To freedom and love

As long as we breathe,

We must forgive.

© 2022 Mary Borges

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