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For My Beloved Messengers

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


You are to confess the truth fearlessly,

freely and openly

And you shall " follow after the things which make for peace "

You are represented like the shinning stars at night

Like the brightness of the moon

And during the day

You shall be like the fiery sun addressing warn

To men of the peril they have done,

You are not to be discouraged under My refuge

Even if your own home betrayed you to death

And neither the whole world bitterly hates you

For for the faithless generation

It is impossible to believe in things

Which are not seen,

But the secret of their mighty Savior

Behold to those who believe in things which

Are not seen

It is those resting heart in perfect peace, those utterly satisfied soul.

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You are to labor for those soul seeking for salvation

For those empty, thirst and hungering heart for the truth,

And for those who seem to persecute you

You shall still left the lamp I gave you

Under their mourning nights

For there is none creation on earth left unfed

Even the tiniest thing your eyes can see

On the surface,

All ye shall recognised a place where a fallen soul

Crying painfully for a perfect place of resting peace.

" You shall be hated of all men for My name's sake,

But he that shall endure unto the end,

the same shall be saved. ''

You are my footprint followers, there's none danger

Or hatred is stronger than your faith in Me

You know so well that My love for the whole

Human race is overflowing

So much that I purchased them

With My own blood

While they were proudly ruining their souls,

Warn them often of the noice and distraction where they

Put themselves, for I have been waiting

For them in silence to revail the ruin

They brought for themselves

There is none word can define

The love I have for them, yet at the end of the day

It is their choices if they can make themselves

Worthy of My love.

Often My beloved messengers

As you labor for My name sake

Be watchful on the path you are taking

And be careful to your true interest

Be true to your selves and ask often,

Is this the truth?

And know that there is none power on earth

You should fear,

Not even to the prince of darkness

Knowing it is Satan's work to fill thy heart with doubt

And temptation to sin

You are to recognised all the work of the prince of darkness

For I am working in you,

The lamps are lit before your feet

And for you are true to God

He holds you in His merciful, pardoning

And matchless loving hand

And He hath made thy eternal life secure,

Fear only to those things I honored in you

That which you hath might betrayed Me

Be watchful also, for you cannot give

What you don't have, therefore it is impossible

To share My words which you haven't received

As you confess Me before your brethrens

You are to confess Me in truth and with all your heart

If you have received My spirit

Your words will be gently and slowly

Printed in those thirsting heart for truth,

As a result of your Faith in Me

Every words you'd speak

Is greatly blessed by My guidance.

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