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Football Story for Your Young Readers in Board Book Form Encourages Interest in the Sport at an Early Age

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Football for Your Youngest Reader

Introduce your young readers to the game of football

Introduce your young readers to the game of football

Do You Have a Little One Who Loves Football?

Many parents want all of their children to share in the family interest in football. Get ready for the season of 2022 that will come faster than you think with reading Diane Adams' adorable football story Football Baby with your preschoolers. The story is in board-book form so that this can easily be carried around as their very own book about playing football.

The text is written in rhymes that young readers enjoy. Mom and Dad help with learning to wear football helmets when this little brother and sister want to play football. Dad enjoys coaching and getting all of the players lined up. This little quarterback has trouble with snapping the ball to his team players. He keeps trying and finally Sis catches the ball. Grandpa is also enjoying the family game of football with the kids. The young boy imagines scoring a touchdown and he scores! He is voted his family's MVP.

Charlene Chua contributed her talents as an illustrator with adorable illustrations that portray a family football game. Illustrations are done in bright colors.

Football Baby is part of a series of Sports Baby books. It is published by Viking, a division of Penguin-Random House and is recommended for ages 3-5. It has an ISBN of 978-0-593-20249-4.

Enjoy the fun video of young players playing football that I have included in my review/article.

Brightly Colored Illustrations Portray a Family Game of Football

Mom and Dad help with putting helmets on

Mom and Dad help with putting helmets on

Grandpa makes this a family game along with children

Grandpa makes this a family game along with children

Young quarterback snaps the ball to Sis

Young quarterback snaps the ball to Sis

Little quarterback gets the ball

Little quarterback gets the ball

Running for a touchdown and becomes family team MVP

Running for a touchdown and becomes family team MVP

Fun Football Video to Watch With Your Young Player

Football Can Bring Families Together

Shared interests in sports can make family bonds stronger. Even the youngest family member can participate on some level. Having their own book about football such as Diane Adams' Football Baby engages young children in the family interest in football.

*Read Football Baby in a story time session. Call attention to the children wearing their jerseyswith their numbers 1 and 2 and their shoes with cleats in the illustration.

*Call attention to Mom and Dad helping the children wear their helmets correctly.

*Provide your young children with a football that is made for children.

*Call attention to the fact that both brother and sister are playing football. Yes, girls can play football too.

*Have a collection of team pictures that your family follows. Children might like to collect football cards of their favorite players.

*Many families have family jerseys that they wear on Game Day. Provide a jersey for your preschooler or infant/toddler. There are even jerseys for your pets.

*Find a team in your community for young players.

*Help young players learn the vocabulary of football. Engage young children in discussions while watching a game together on Game Day.

*The family in Football Baby has hot cider and cookies after their game. Families often have great snacks on Game Day when watching football games. Engage your children in preparing their favorite snacks on Game Day.

*Engage your children in learning the names of family favorite football players. The numbers on your family favorites are also great to call attention to recognition of numbers for your young children.

*Engage your family in a family football game to practice beginning skills for your children. It is important for children to learn good sportsmanship. Encourage your children to be good sports without criticism of their siblings when playing.

Football Vocabulary for Your Young Player

Football has its own vocabulary and children like to learn words that they can associate with a special interest such as football.

Prepare a list of words for your little player to learn and put into practice.




*Snap the ball


*Downs for every 10 yards

*Offense players

*Defense players

*Pass completion


© 2022 Cindy Hewitt

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