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Cant Be Happy, Always Foggy
The End Might Be Near
So Many Twists, So Many Turns
It Never Seems To Clear
Dark Days, Cold Nights
Utter Confusion, Stupid Fights
Against Myself Within My Head
Might Be Better If I Was Dead
Pointless Existence, Waste Of Skin
Sickening Things Make Me Grin
Thoughts Of The End Make Me Smile
Finally Going Through With That Last Mile
To Stop My Pain And Ease My Mind
Theres Only One Cure That I Can Find
Its So Final, Its So Cold
I'm Not Sure I'm That Bold
But Its Fun To Think About
And Even Sweet To Plot
Even After So Many Battles
That I Struggled Through And Fought
Maybe I'll Bite The Bullet And Just Call It Quits
And Let Said Bullet Reach It's Goal
And Turn My Brain To Bits
Feeling Like A Sacrificial Pawn
I Await New Days, I Embrace New Dawn
But Nothing Changes, Can't Find A Fix
Fog Is Heavy. Like A Ton Of Bricks
Dragging Me Down In A Shroud Of Gloom
To Encase My Fate And Become My Tomb

© 2020 Mike

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