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Float Plan

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If the love of your life suddenly and unexpectedly died, could you cope? Could you pull yourself up out of your grief and learn to live again? To love again, eventually? These are exactly the things Anna Beck has to face.

I was invited by St. Martin’s Press to read the advanced readers’ copy of Float Plan, by Trish Dollar, in exchange for an honest review. I was hooked on page one of this lovely, poignant romance. It’s full of grief, self-doubt, renewed spirits, and learning to love again after the death of a fiancé.

This Book Has Valuable Comments For Anyone Grieving

When reading a book for review, I make a practice of highlighting mistakes, grammar problems, etc., but in this book, the majority of things I highlighted were meaningful phrases, and things I wanted to remember and to be able to re-read later, or simply things that touched my heart.

For months, Anna and her fiancé, Ben, plan a sailing trip of island hopping through the Caribbean on Ben's boat which, as yet, is unnamed. Ben suffers with depression and on the eve of their departure date, he kills himself leaving a note of apology to Anna.

Devastated and plagued by grief, yet determined to make the trip Ben so wanted to take, Anna sets out alone sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Bimini, in the Bahamas.

The entry to the port in Nassau, Bahamas

The entry to the port in Nassau, Bahamas

Semi-Experienced Sailor Needs Assistance

After a near disaster at sea, Anna quickly realizes she needs an experienced sailor to help her handle the boat, and advertises for experienced crew to assist her. Soon she meets Keane Sullivan. The way they met is quite entertaining.

Keane has his own grief, and the two sail as employer and employee – at least, at first. They quickly become fast friends, and Keane saves Anna’s life when a storm tosses her overboard.

Those Who Want To Help Often Can’t

At first, Anna is pressured by her mother and sister to get her life together, to pull herself out of her despair. After Anna leaves on the boat, they constantly email and text her to come home for Thanksgiving, then for Christmas. Finally, realizing she is safe, and is slowly recovering, they respect her wishes.

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Just another sail boat in a local marina

Just another sail boat in a local marina

Do We Know How We're Supposed To Feel After A Loss?

Trish Dollar has penned a story so true to life, anyone reading it will be moved by her characters who step right off the page and into your heart, with comments such as “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, let alone how I’m supposed to feel. There’s no wrong way to grieve, but I’ve taken a step backward.”

Learning to Love Again

Ms. Dollar deals with multiple issues in this story, and does so beautifully. Anna is consumed with grief over losing Ben, but gradually learns who she is without him. Then, when she believes she has also lost Keane, she learns how strong and self-sufficient she really is. She learns to live again and to love again.

Float Plan is a book I couldn’t put down. Those are always the best books. This is not a cheesy romance novel. It is a seriously comforting story of overcoming fear, self-doubt, and grief.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

  • Incorrect verb usage: come vs. go, bring vs. take;
  • multiple missing commas;
  • further vs. farther (they are not interchangeable);
  • a few typos.

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