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Five Out of Print Manga series that Deserve a Reprint

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Alexis is an avid reader who reads a wide variety of books. Her favorite genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, manga and horror.


Note: This article is based on US releases. Some manga mentioned have been reprinted in other languages.

When Tokyopop closed its doors back in 2011, they were the next in a line of manga companies that folded. Manga was becoming more mainstream when I was in early high school (we’re talking mid 00s) and I had a job with few bills. Manga was also comparatively cheaper then and we unearthed a discount manga bookstore. As a result, my friends and I gobbled up books and shared them amongst ourselves.

Of course, these were the early days and many companies were quick to jump into the blooming industry of manga publication. Unfortunately, not all of them grew into the success that companies like Viz grew into. Some closed their doors and many were running series that stopped in early or mid production. Some of the series were picked up by other companies, but others fell to the wayside. Eventually Tokyopop would start to stop publishing some of their manga and popular manga stopped getting reprints.

There have been dozens of fantastic manga series’ that have gone out of print and sadly not been picked up again. Thankfully companies like Yen Press and Dark Horse have been going back and grabbing some licenses for a reprint. The popular series Fruits Basket (Yen Press) and Wish (Dark Horse) have come back thanks to their reprints. It goes without saying some out of print manga do command high prices (we’re talking several hundred folks!)

Without further ado, below are eight manga series that need reprints from my personal experience and collection;

Marmalade Boy

This was the first manga series I read and I couldn’t have picked a better series to start with. Miki is a high school student who finds out her parents are getting divorced after meeting another couple and swapping spouses! The other couple has a son, Yuu, who is Miki’s age. Miki thinks she has an ally in the mess which has become her life, but to her surprise, Yuu goes along with it (what a marmalade boy!) This is a cute romance manga by the talented Wataru Yoshizumi and deserves a read through. Maybe we’ll get the sequel series to it someday as well!

Ghost Hunt

Ghost Story tells the story of Mai, a ghost hunter in training. Through probably luck, she breaks a camera and is forced to work to pay them back. This means working for Naru, the narcissist! Along the way she begins working with a unique cast of characters to tackle paranormal cases and discovers she can do more than she thought possible.

This is a fantastic series and one of my favorite manga series’ ever. The last book in the series never got published nor did the two sequel series. The series is well known and respected in Japan. We can only hope it gets a reprint and we get the final volume someday. Viz Media? Dark Horse? Yen Press? Any takers?

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GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

Eikichi is a former gang member and 22 years old. He runs into a high school girl and develops an immediate crush on her. Through twists and turns, he learns that she has recently had a fight with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend shows up and Eikichi is shocked to learn he is not only her teacher, but old. Flabergausted, he has an ephinay, that he will be the greatest teacher ever. The series details his first year of teaching and his shenanigans.

I got GTO when I was a senior in high school and had decided to pursue education. GTO was an interesting series and is the sequel series (the original detailing Onizuka’s gang member days). I feel I need to include a warning that this series does have some pretty suggestive content, but the story is good and it does tackle some real issues in education (especially the politics and hierarchy).

Immortal Rain

As the name implies, Rain is immortal. Divulging into the plot too much would spoil things, but it’s a cute story with its share of heartbreak. Machika is the heroine of our story and an assassin. As fate would have it, she befriends her would be target and embarks on a journey she didn’t expect.

There isn’t a lot to say about this series, except to reiterate that it is a cute story. Personally I’m a sucker for immortality and the debate about mortality. It does have a naive feel to it, however, and reading it in high school, it really fit with where I was. Aged up, it still is a good manga and worth a read through if you can find the first 8 volumes. The entire series was not released completely in the United States (only 8/11). Hopefully a re-release/reprint could fix that!


Mars tells the story of Rei and Kira. Kira is a shy art student who comes off as conceited. Rei is a playboy who rides a motorcycle. When Kira asks Rei to be her model, he accepts, surprised at her request. Throw in some jealous ex-girlfriends, love triangles and you have Mars!

This is an older manga, so some of the things may seem like cliches were original at the time. Despite what may seem like cliches now, Mars does them significantly better than other manga in the genre. It’s hard to place exactly, but the pacing, story line and characters are inviting and it’s a manga I still think of fondly to this day. If you can find it, grab it. If not, we can only hope for a reprint someday!

There are dozens of other manga out there that is currently out of print. Sadly, many have not received any hint of getting a reprint. As some publishers give new life to older series, there is more and more hope that out of print series’ will get a reprint. Only time will tell, however.

What are some out of print manga that you would like to see reprints of?


Alexis (author) on September 19, 2017:

@Anabela -We can hope! YenPress does have a history of reprinting Tokyopop titles, especially as of late.

Anabela on September 18, 2017:

Definitely Immortal Rain should be reprinted. It is a classic masterpiece and it can please girls and boys. I wish it was reprinted by YenPress...

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