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Fish's Eyes...

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3 times... camouflage, sees, lives, tied line, disguised..

rig up Chuck.. this stories gonna need sum luck, sick, suck, thrown enough.. below, engine, go, motion, slow, scene, thrives..

waves roll by.. seems, steams, seen, waving, "hi.." hey Gray, carry on, all along, this way, gear grinds..

Midnight, fright, alive, goodbye..

fear, steer's, rear, view, mirror, right, starboard, side,

swell, rise..

cap, foam, white,

vessel's, demise,

.. distance, cries..


horizon, lights..

silver, filters, fog, bright,

grip, tight..



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stick's, prick, swing, quick, surprise...


I am that guy...


so maybe let's try...

something new you.. fish fry?? you like??

breaded just right..

crunch, crisp, dip's missed, mind..

...mind passing the dip?? thanks, kind..

so kind, man.. fine,

I see the line,

crossed, off, moss, grows, vine..

rolling rock, can't stop, fruit, falling, squash, lime??

soda?? no, yeah... I'm driving.. "time" (9:45)..

...time for percussion class, ass.. why...

because I'm late, GREAT!! ... sorry, gotta fly.........

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