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First is Foremost and Memorable

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

There has to be a ‘First’ time for everything

There has to be a ‘First’ time for everything

First Times are Special

Dear friend and fellow writer Brenda, has provided another interesting word prompt to inspire us to write.

Thank you so much Brenda for your continued motivation, and I hope you like my response.

Word prompt: First

So many ideas were doing the rounds, when this word appeared in Brenda’s word prompt article.

For example—The ‘first’ and the foremost precious memories with my parents, my childhood memories, my wedding, my children, their birth, their schooling, their higher education days, their jobs, and shifting locations and many-many more.

Why is it so, that the ‘First‘ times of anything and everything is etched deeply in our memories?

Perhaps, because they are the ‘first times’— You take that first step with excitement, curiosity, uncertainty, nervousness and may be with apprehension also.
So, the first time is important and memorable too.
Here, I have tried to express myself through a poem, an acrostic poem, and a small incident of my ‘First day as a teacher.’
In addition, there is a list of important ’Firsts’ of the World.

‘First’ is foremost and memorable

‘First’ is foremost and memorable

‘First’ is Foremost and Memorable

Your first friendship,

Your first look,

Your first letter,

Your first joke,

Your first touch,

Your first glance,

Your first gift,

Your first love,

Your first commitment,

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My lifetime agreement,

Those precious moments,

Of the first conversations,

To unforgettable memories,

To comfort till eternity.

The ‘first’ raindrops of the season, brings back so many precious memories

The ‘first’ raindrops of the season, brings back so many precious memories

Acrostic Poem on ’First’

First times are special,

Intriguing and interesting,

Rewarding and enriching,

Sometimes exciting,

Timeless and memorable.

My “First” Day as a teacher

This incident is a sweet reminder of my ‘first day’ as a teacher.
I was in the final stages of completion of my B.Ed. degree, that is Bachelor of education, a two year professional degree, mandatory for taking up a job of a teacher in the primary or secondary schools of India. This can be taken up only after achieving the graduation in a particular subject of your choice.
After clearing all the necessary subjects, related to the field of education, child growth and development, their psychology, case studies etc., a teacher is trained in preparing the lesson plans for her class students.
In fact, the teachers have to prepare the lesson plans for the entire academic year, for the smooth completion of the syllabus for that particular class, keeping in mind, the regular limited class timings, months, holidays, for the entire year.

And thus, I was given a topic to prepare lesson plan, and face the actual classroom full of actual students. Till then, I was learning everything theoretically.
And, so I had put my 100% in preparation, to teach on my ‘first day.’

Yes, a teacher must be thoroughly prepared in her subjects, to teach, to answer questions, to clear doubts of the students.

To face the senior secondary students, for the very ‘First time’ brought about feelings of excitement and nervousness, at the same time.
Everything was going well on that very first day, exchanging greetings, my introduction etc. My training teacher was sitting at the back seat to observe me, and assess my teaching abilities.
But, here was the catch!!
As I was about to begin, and wrote the topic on the blackboard, the students informed me that, the topic was not in their syllabus, but from their previous class course.
The training teacher realised her mistake at once, and apologised for assigning me a topic, not meant for this classroom.
She also gave me an option to come prepared the next day, with another topic, and new lesson plan, meant for that classroom.
But, I decided otherwise, and asked the students, if they wanted me to teach some difficult lesson, taught earlier, but which they were not able to comprehend in earlier classes.
They briefly discussed amongst each other, and came up with a difficult topic.
So, I started teaching and explaining that topic, with whatever I had read about it during my training.
My impromptu teaching impressed my training teacher beyond words, and she gave me full marks in the assessment, with special mention of what had happened in the classroom.

And, I became a ‘go to teacher’ for my students later on, for clearing any doubts or asking any questions.


“The first step is to establish that something is possible. Then probability will occur.”

— Elon Musk

“Setting goals is the first step, in turning the invisible into visible.”

—Tony Robbins

“Every journey starts with the first step.”

— Unknown

Some must know ‘First’s’ for everyone

  1. The First person to reach Mount Everest—- Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
  2. The First person to fly an aeroplane —Wright Brothers
  3. The first person to sail around the globe —Magellan
  4. The first person to land at moon—Neil Armstrong
  5. The first country to launch artificial satellite in space—-Russia
  6. The first country to host the modern Olympics—-Greece
  7. The first city, on which the atom bomb was dropped—-Hiroshima, Japan
  8. The first woman prime minister of England—-Margaret Thatcher
  9. The first woman to climb the Mount Everest—-Mrs. Junko Tabei , Japan
  10. The first woman president of the UN General Assembly—-Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, India

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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