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Finding Your Special Niche Requires Perseverance in Delightful Picture Book for Young Readers

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Life Lesson in Perseverance for Young Readers

A life lesson with a twist on a favorite fairy tale

A life lesson with a twist on a favorite fairy tale

Finding Your Special Place Is Hard

Zibby Owen's Princess Charming is a delightful picture book and story with a life lesson for young readers who are looking for their special "thing" that they are good at. What's a princess to do when she cannot find her niche in the world?

Everyone expects the little princess to be perfect. Her efforts at anything she has tried have not ended well. Turning the perfect cartwheel did not turn out very well. Making a cake certainly did not turn out very well. Her brother thought that she was hopeless. Princess Charming really wanted to help out at the big party for the movie star that was going to happen at the palace, but everyone just patted her head and said that they had everything taken care of. She does have a chance to sit next to her idol, the big movie star, but an unexpected mischief maker causes the movie star to lose her earring. Everyone looks, but finally give up on finding the earring. Can you guess who did not give up? Princess Charming is successful in finding the earring and finally finds her niche in a surprising way.

A surprise twist to the ending with a reference to a favorite old fairy tale is a special part of this story.

Holly Hatam contributed her talents as an illustrator for Princess Charming. Her illustrations are colorful and fill each page with fun.

Princess Charming is recommended for ages 3-6 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-32678-7. It was published by Flamingo Books, a division of Penguin/Random House.

Colorful Illustrations Help Tell Princess Charming's Story

It's hard to be a princess

It's hard to be a princess


Meet the Author

Parents may recognize Zibby Owens as the founder of Zibby Owens Media, a company designed to help busy people connect with books and other parents. Part of her media company is Moms Don't Have Time To---- that includes podcasts and publications that help to organize busy lives. Her award-winning podcast Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books is a favorite of her fans.

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Princess Charming is her first children's book. She plans to write a second one.

Bring Princess Charming Into the Classroom for Fun Learning Activities

Helping young children find things that they are good at is good for developing self-esteem. I always used picture books in my classroom to teach a variety of lessons and concepts. Young children enjoy seeing themselves as a character in a story and reading about a similar problem that the character has helps teach the concept that the author teaches with the story. Zibby Owen's Princess Charming is a great choice for teaching a lesson in perseverance and finding one's special talent.

*Read Princess Charming in a story time session. Call attention to the problem that the princess has in finding something that she is good at.

*Engage the children in a discussion of things that they would like to do but feel that they are not good at doing them.

*Provide drawing paper, crayons, and markers for children to draw themselves doing something that they feel that they are not good at doing. Provide the opportunity for them to share their pictures.

*Provide an opportunity for children to practice a critical thinking skill by asking them for their ideas about why everyone did not want the little princess to help with the preparations for the big party for the movie star?

*Plan a class game with two teams to practice the skill of remembering details from the story. Prepare a list of questions for children to answer about details from the story. Play the game several times with a variety of questions. Ensure that the children do not see this game as a win-lose game.

*Prepare an area in your dramatic play area for children to reinact the story of Princess Charming.

*Call attention to the special ending for Princess Charming. What old familiar fairy tale does this ending resemble?

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