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Filipinos and Jose Rizal

Listen and Respect

Jose Rizal loves to write stories and He must have gotten it from his mother. His mother told him the story about the gamu-gamo (moth). The story is about the mother of the moth telling the little moth not to go near the lamp. The little moth did not listen to the mother and it was burned. It is a reminder for children that parents know what is good and bad. They constantly remind them not to do what is wrong. Parents are concerned about the well being of their kids. Simple story and yet it is teaching Filipino children to listen and respect their parents.


Love of Mother

Jose Rizal is a good example of love for his parents and most of all his mom. Teodora Alonso Realonda is a mother of eleven children and Jose Rizal is one of them. Jose Rizal learned that his mom will be blind, so he decided to switch courses to medicine and specialized ophthalmology. He went to different countries to study medicine and at the same time the language of the country. When he returned he successfully removed the cataract of the left eye of his mother. His mom must be so proud of him. Her little boy is a doctor.


Jose Rizal is like a diamond. He is described as a multifaceted intellectual. He can speak 22 different languages fluently. He paints, carves, writes short stories, novels and many more. Rizal is full of talents. I remember my grandmother would tell us “You have to wake up early so that God will help you.” She always says that in Spanish and I remember the “Madruga Dios Ayuda.” Maybe Jose Rizal is an early riser and got all the talents God showered.

Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal

A hardworking Filipino

Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda (full name) was hardworking. He puts his energy into something that he needs to do. When he studied to be an eye doctor for his mom. He knows he is not excellent in Science but it did not stop him from being a doctor and successfully removed the cataract of the left eye of his mother.

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Committed to helping the Filipino people. He dedicated his life for a cause that eventually led to the freedom of his country. Rizal showed the quality of his writings. He could have been one of the richest Filipinos in his time but he did not focus on money, fame, and power. His loyalty to his countrymen exceeds the luxury laid on his feet.

I read Noli Me tangere and El Filibusterismo because it is a required reading for students in the Philippines. When I was reading the book, I focused on the love story of Ibarra and Maria Clara and hated the character of Padre Damaso. I did not think of how the Filipinos are treated that period of time. He is so clever to show to the world what is happening to his country. He even wrote the novels in Spanish because he wanted the Spanish authorities to be aware of the situation. He doesn't use swords or guns to fight. He used his pen.


I admire Jose Rizal because of his talents and he is proud to be a Filipino. He showed the world that even though he is brown skinned, he can do so many things. The Spaniards accused him of being a traitor of the country. He could not accept it and faced the firing squad. The moment he heard ‘Fuego!” (Fire!) He immediately turned to face his executioner. Even in his last moments he wants his countrymen to know that he is not a traitor and all his work is for the welfare of the country.

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