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Fight Writer's Block

Writer’s block is something that strikes everyone at one time or another, and sometimes it takes someone else to help get you out of the slump. Here are some ideas for anyone who might have trouble making forward motion in their writing.

  1. Become fluent in Klingon.
  2. Build a rocket and travel to space.
  3. Figure out how to jump to Jupiter.
  4. Learn how to control the elements.
  5. Eat an entire fruit cake and keep it down.
  6. Find a dragon egg and train the dragon that hatches from it.
  7. Mail yourself to another country.
  8. Prove who killed who John Kennedy.
  9. Run for office and have no platform.
  10. Cure an incurable disease.
  11. Move to Derry, MN and become best friends with a killer space clown.
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