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Few Secrets Behind Successfully Published Articles on

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I understand this may not be sacrosanct as it may not apply to some Hubbers especially those who have been here for long, but as a naïve Hubber here, one of the things that have assisted me is what I want to share here and I believe it will be verily useful for some people who like me come from developing world where the followings are rampant: recurrent electricity failure, for when you are at the peak of composing or putting down your thoughts that is when the battery of the phone or laptop will be empty; where there is no good network and you have to be moving here and there in search of network to publish your articles; where people will not allow you to take their photo because of religious indoctrination that anyone whose photos are taken and uploaded on the social media risks being attacked spiritually and would amount to nothing in life; where there is high rate of poverty among others.

All they have stated is, if you are sure of yourself to be a good writer, or talented writer and desire to make impact in the world through writing, you can join the team and you will have the best of templates to publish your articles electronically.

Therefore, what we have passed through is what you will equally pass through.

If you have been having troubles publishing and you have seen that some of your articles are said not to have met with the standards, you can learn from this short article too.

1. Consuming Zeal

To be a successful Hubber, I want to say that the zeal to write will have to consume you, for if you do not have zeal to make impact through writing you will be wearied out at a point or another especially after seeing that you have expended your all into an article only to discover that the editors say it does not meet with their standards or requirements for it to be published. Such do weaken and you will think what else have I to do about this? However, if you can be patient and look deeply you will see the way out if indeed you have not plagiarized the work.

2. Let Your Failure Motivate You

When you receive notifications that your article does not meet with the standard of the, it is a transient failure, you can turn this failure to a motivating drive to move you to put in your more. I used to view such reply like a student in the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, that on so many occasions when writing project their supervisors would turn down the project, and after turning down the project the student will not because of that says he or she does not want the degree again, she will yet go back to her studying corner to make amendments.

3. Let Success Motivate You

This aspect is like a coin that has two sides, here is what I mean.

(i) Success of Others: As Hubber you have the grace to receive notifications about other Hubbers published works, through your email, and some whose works are not received, you will see the notification the seconds it is published if you are online before the work is being approved or denied. During this period reading through the work, you will gain from thereby.

However what I want to motivate you the most is seeing the numbers of published works of other Hubbers, some who are new and some who are old. You can tell yourself on seeing their published works that since they can achieve this, you can equally achieve the same even if not more. As you have been motivated by their work this will keep spurring you on, and you will be able to think deeply.

(ii) Your Own Success: As you have been motivated by the success of others, you should also turn your successes to motivating factor to prompt you to work more, to achieve more and publish more articles. Some people after they have achieved a feat would rest on their oars and would not work harder again this shouldn’t be yours.


4. Be Motivated By Your Focus or What Prompts You to Join

In one of the opinion poll of the question asked by a Hubber that what prompt you to join (I wouldn’t know if you have come across the question before), many people responded and in the response, the simple statistics taken by me then was that many of the Hubbers have been moved to become a Hubber because we want to be making money.

Though I have interacted with few Hubbers who said money is not the basis of their joining, that the basis for joining is to reach out to other people of the world the message they carry.

Whether it is for money or another point not stated, I want to say that you can continue to derive your motivation by such factor or point that prompted you to join in the first instance.

If you are like me, in the developing world who is yet to earn any dime through this medium, you have to keep working to make the world know through here that you are not a copycat nor a plagiarism, that “you are really you”. When you continue to work, you will hit the mark, although it might take a little time longer than others from the advanced climes.

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5. Learn from Other Hubbers

It is important that one learns from other Hubbers, this will be of immense help to you as a Hubber. No one is an island. You have to develop the ability to learn from others, even from the topics you know nothing about before and through that you will be blessed and would be able to write articulately and comprehensively.

6. Improve Yourself/Work on Yourself

Like some of us who are being brought up with other languages apart from English and we have been learning English in our schools or have recently applied to schools to learn English, we have to keep improving on ourselves daily to be a good writer. I read from online Wikipedia about the profile of Celine Dion whom English was not her primary language, she says when she gets to America she desires to reach more people thence decided to work on herself, learn English and today her music gets to the uttermost parts of the world.

7. Be Original

To be a successful Hubber you have to be original in your works failure to do this will weary you when the editors failed to publish your works.

8. Take Time to Rest

All works and no play is not good for health. It is a healthy person who can think deeply and intently, it is a healthy person who can extract from his or her brain the hidden things there. Therefore, as you continue to work ensure you take time to rest, eat good and balanced meals for this is essential for the brain development and the ability to put good works down for the world to read.

In conclusion,

the world is full of mystery, and when one does not know the mystery behind some things one will keep working round the clock without making appreciable impacts, but when one gets the secret to making impacts, one cannot be limited again except the person limits himself or herself.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on April 07, 2021:

This is an intriguing comment. I also believe HubPages is one of the best if not thr best platform for online publications, it is easy to access, easy to upload there among other things it possess. Then it is "cheap" and gives a starter the enablement to grow.

But not many people know this and they are groping in darkness like i was ten or more years ago until 2018 that i discovered this site.

Thanks for the comment. Continue to stay safe.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 07, 2021:

I am writing here for a long time and have earned well in the past. My earnings are slowly increasing and in time will get better. I write about my experiences from SA to living in Croatia. For me this is the best platform and I am satisfied writing for Hubpages. Earnings has never been a priority, but it does feel rewarding when I do earn my cheque.

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on April 06, 2021:

Good article Olesegun.Hubpages like any other platform online is brutal and unrelenting. One needs to spend considerable effort, time, and skill before it starts paying . There will be ups and downs, failures and rejections, and even ugly fan mail from people who criticize your work.

The trick is simple. Keep writing until you make it !!! No other way.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 06, 2021:

Olusegun, this is a very positive and motivational article, especially for new hubbers. You make some very good points. I have been writing here for more than 11 years and if I was writing here purely for the money I would have been gone long ago. I still find it the best writing platform for my writing on the Internet.

I write here because I love to write and share my work, and interact with others all around the world. There is a wonderful supportive and encouraging community here that I have found nowhere else.

My advice to you is to keep writing what you love, whether you receive payment or not. The challenges faced in your country with power supply, Internet coverage etc must be challenging however, so I do hope you receive payment in time.

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