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Modern Humans' Silliness


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


I'm laughing as I think how none of my satires could possibly reveal anything new, as by now every sober soul has a clear idea how "homo sapiens" (Greek for "wise man") is not what describes the most of our race.

O.K., it still sounds better than Neanderthal, or Homo Erectus (this latter one having nothing to do with anything pertaining to eroticism). Well, we always liked flattering ourselves with our labels, statuses, what-not, but defining us would definitely depend on what aspect of us we would focus on.

Let's say, it's like defining American greatness. Should we do it by looking at glamour of Hollywood, those rich folks, or by ghettos and those homeless, who, by far outnumber those first mentioned?

Or, should we ignore all those uneducated and illiterate, and talk exclusively about personages like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump? Hey, he repeatedly claimed to be a "very stable genius" -- so who am I to argue.

After all, how could I compare with him. I am just a modest old fart living in a modest one bedroom apartment, in one modest Canada; whereas Trump is a self-made multi-billionaire, enjoying his enormous wealth -- which is showing all over his happy face; also a successful and beloved president of the most prosperous, most powerful, happiest, most harmonious country in the world.

Well, satires are good -- albeit some of the readers always see them as mocking, while others go deeper seeing them as eye-openers. That's one risk a satiric always has to take.

Maybe in my next pieces I'll go romantic and write about angels, babies, springtime blooms and love. Not now though.

When Man's Face Is Pretty -- and He Isn't Gay -- Sometimes He May Want to Accentuate His Manliness.

When Man's Face Is Pretty -- and He Isn't Gay -- Sometimes He May Want to Accentuate His Manliness.

Why is the King of Hearts the only one that hasn't a moustache?

-- James Branch Cabell

Moustache Doesn't Make a Man

Moustache doesn't make a man

and nor does an absence of it

so, to get an admiring fan

you gotta have true grit.

Huge moustache or thin

bushy one or hardly seen

with a goatie or smooth chin

none of that will make you win.

It's charisma and strong vibes

not an advertised hairy face

and it's all that describes

manly man of any race.

There are those who try to hide

their true nature soft and tame

masking their vulnerable side

out of pride, or out of shame.

Somewhere religious rules may dictate

distinction from the "weaker" gender

while secretly evoking their hate

for not being nice and tender.

But then again, moustache could mean

merely a decoration on man's face

although it should never be seen

as replacement for manliness.

By Now, Life Without Cell Phone Is Unthinkable

By Now, Life Without Cell Phone Is Unthinkable

We are living in a generation where people "in love" are free to touch each other's private parts, but are not allowed to touch each other's phones because they are private.

-- Robert Mugabe

Cell Phone Craze

Invention of the cell phone beats one of the car

as we'd rather switch back to horse and cart

and agree to walk no matter how far

than from our cell phone to part.

Doesn't take a shrink to call it a surrogate friend

or maybe a parent, a teacher, or whoever

it has become really some crazy trend

not making us look very clever.

Those incessant monologs sounding a big deal

on sidewalks, in stores, restrooms, and bars

and selfies taken with narcissistic zeal

not to mention texting in cars.

My special treat is hearing those cyber-fights

as idiots get oblivious to all people around

one of those truly irreplaceable sights

to watch and hear how they sound.

And yet, not so much I'd mock rather

than two people sitting at the table

having chat by texting each other

what I call "socially disabled".

Protests about privacy are a laughing stock

as you don't need to tap someone's phone

just follow the freak around the block

and you'll know all that's going on.

With All Those Cathedrals and Churches Scattered Around the Globe, One Would Never Expect that "Merry Christmas" Would Turn Into a "Happy Holiday".

With All Those Cathedrals and Churches Scattered Around the Globe, One Would Never Expect that "Merry Christmas" Would Turn Into a "Happy Holiday".

Come beginning of December, public Christmas carols become a suggestive cue for shopping sprees, with "Merry Christmas" turning into "Happy Holiday" to include non-Christian shoppers.

-- Val Karas

Say It "Marry Christmas" This Time

I'm not what you'd call a religious dude

not publicly defending any noble cause

but at times getting in this satiric mood

commenting on some silly human flaws.

So, if Happy Hanukkah is sounding right

and Ramadan is dignified as special day

well, I'm not really here to protest, or fight

but why Christmas is called happy holiday?

Is it to justify non-Christians business making big buck

profiting from sales on the festivity with no name

or is it to allow every non-religious schmuck

to forget differences and make us same.

Whatever the whole case may really be

it doesn't piss me off -- not one bit

it just amuses a dude like me

as I've got no hairs to split.

But to say the least, it's strange

how an old tradition loses its name

as Christians really wanted that change

making out of it just another profitable game.

© 2020 Val Karas

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