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Female Vampire Hunters

The First of the Series The Vampire Hunter's Daughter

The First of the Series The Vampire Hunter's Daughter

The Vampire Hunters Daughter: Part I by Jennifer Malone Wright

Chloe lived a quiet life, just her and her mother. Even in school, she learned to keep apart from others, to live a quiet yet happy life. But that all changes one night when she is faced with the horror of watching a vampire break into her home and murder her mother. Just as it seemed this would also be her fate, another group appears who snatch her from her certain doom and rescue her. She faints from the sheer terror of it all. When she awakens she is faced with a new reality. For her grandfather tells her how her mother had hid her because she was a vampire hunter, as is her entire family through the generations.

Now all that Chloe wants is revenge. And she is living in a small tight-knit community of vampire hunters more than willing to teach her the skills to do just that.

A Promising Inaugural Book for the Series

In this first book of a very gripping series we are introduced to the innocent Chloe. A girl who thought her life was the simple quiet existence she had with her mother until the truth is revealed in a brutal evening of blood and terror. Even with her desire to learn everything she can about how to be a vampire hunter, like her mother, she maintains that innocence that makes this story so entertaining.

As frightening as it is to learn of this other supernatural side of life, she accepts it. The others that she lives amongst have expectations of her that she is not sure she can attain. Her grandfather may be the only one she knew before her mother’s death, but he is not always who he seems to be. And when she does discover who the power is behind her mother’s death, it will be even more of a struggle to choose the right path.

A Slayer with a Difference

If you love the whole hunter/vampire roles that have emerged lately in the modern vampire tales, you will love this new look at it. Jennifer Wright brings a novel twist to the old tale of vampire hunters and with it brings a fresh new writer to a genre packed and over-flowing. Get on board with this book and you will eagerly want the rest of the series.

Get the First Two Books in the Vampire Hunter's Daughter Series

The One That Started It All!

The One That Started It All!

Can Guys Get Into Anita Blake as Much as Women?

I happen to love Laurell K. Hamilton’s hugely popular series, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. In fact, I read the first book of the series a little while back, got hooked, and ended up reading the whole series in a non-stop no holds barred week long gluttony of the cool as ice female vampire killer. But then, I am a chick, so of course I loved Anita and her cool as cucumbers action. Well, that and the sex in it is so hot you gotta wear asbestos gloves sometimes.

But I was wondering what a guy who loves action/adventure stuff and loves fantasy/SF might make of a book like this? My brother-in-law is a voracious reader, and an astute one. He was a book and music critic for years in a newspaper I will not name so I don’t embarrass him. I trust his judgment on books quite often, including ones I will often check out for the handful of websites where I write reviews of anything fantasy or SF flavored. None the less, I am not perfectly certain he would dig Anita and crew.

But in discussing it with him after I lent him one of my books, I was not that surprised to find that although there are some elements he is not that into, the clothing descriptions might be a good place to start, he did enjoy them. After all, Anita is a truly kick ass chick who takes no prisoners and definitely subscribes to the school of “when they push, push back harder”.

The first two or three of her books in the series do tend to center more on the case she is working on, and her need to prove herself. This is particularly true of the first book, Guilty Pleasures. As the series progresses, other elements show up to showcase Anita’s struggles with her own definitions of morality and how she can make them work in the world she inhabits. I think that her struggles to identify which side of the line everyone will be on, as well as her own need to define her place there, is one of the elements that make the series so satisfying for either sex to read.

But I still think that her over-the-top and wonderfully exact descriptions of the guys in her books (and Anita’s gymnastics with them!) will always mean that she will write for the ladies first. In my humble opinion, if I ever had one.

Great Anita Blake Books!

Latest Anita Blake!

Latest Anita Blake!

Laurel Hamilton Completes Latest Anita Blake

For those of us who can’t get enough of the sexy vampire hunter, Anita Blake is more than just a great series of books. For some of us it can border on obsession. So when Laurel Hamilton, the author of the series, announced the completion and release date of the latest book “Kiss The Dead” I couldn’t wait to find out more!

In this one there is plenty of action for our U.S. Marshall Anita Blake as she follows up on the abduction of a young girl, a fifteen-year-old that has been taken by vampires. Soon she is on the trail and when she does find the girl, she finds even more. For she is faced with a group of people who have been turned by these vampires who are so ordinary they are frightening. It is a group of everyday folks – little kids, their soccer moms and grandparents, and all are willing to do whatever it takes to get away from having to serve their terrifying master. It is soon obvious to Anita that this group of would-be martyr are going to need her help.

And as we all know, if there is anything that the monsters in the world of vampires are truly afraid of, it is our gal Anita. She is the monster that monsters fear!

This looks to be yet another wonderful Anita Blake adventure and I for one don’t know how I am going to hold out until June to read it! If like me you are a huge fan of Anita Blake, you can go on the website for the author here and order the “Kiss the Dead” Book Tour T-shirts. But hurry because she will be closing out taking these pre-orders for them April 30th. She will be at San Diego ComiCon so order you shirt now to wear to the show when you meet her!


Vampire Hunters and Slayers of Demons of Darkness

So who exactly are these vampire hunters that we are looking for? I have mentioned a few here, and there are a couple other books that have some pretty awesome gals that are taking on the fight against vampires or all things evil. I was checking out a series that I had not heard of recently by L.A. Banks who unfortunately passed away this past year. I am sad to see this series end, because from what I could read, she brought a really unique spin to the concept of the female vampire slayer.

She had a really well thought out universe, where the twelve tribes that many know from the bible are also the birth of the Twelve Guardian Councils whose mission is to fight evil wherever they find it. In her books she identifies the group as being from all faiths and every race, united in their desire to face the forces of evil that surround humanity and bring about their defeat.

The series is long and complex, beginning with Minion that sets the story up and introduces us to most of the main characters and sets us reeling from the first page. Rock and roll meets demon horde in a whole new approach to telling the demon-fighter story.

So it doesn’t really matter in the end if you love Buffy or want to shout out your support to Damali Richards. When it comes to bringing the house down, these righteous women can swing a sword and show the guys a thing or two about demon killing. More power to them – I say!


Anna Valerious

From the name you just know she in on the side of the “good guys”. At least, as much as there is a good guy’s side in the movie Van Helsing. Played by the hot as ever Kate Beckinsale in the film, Anna is the last of her kin, when she dies the Valerious family will be no more.

Of course, she isn’t exactly the helpless fainting female type- having done her fair share of dispatching the three brides of Dracula: Verona, Aleera and Marishka. When Val Helsing went after the main man, Dracula, she was right there helping take him down.

Some say that her dress in the film is a tad conservative, especially if you compare Kate to when she is playing the main role in the “Underworld” films, but I disagree. There is just something about those cutaway velvet jackets with the leather under bodice that just looks right on her!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is the original female vampire slayer. The story began as a comic book and the intention of the series by Joss Wheden was to create a parody of the vampire concepts just beginning to have popularity at the time.

I always loved the movie and comics because they really had a good time with the very idea that some “valley girl” would be that most improbable of characters, a vampire slayer. Buffy is just an ordinary girl when she is chosen to be “The Slayer” and first learns she has special abilities that allow her to destroy the vampires and demons that abound. She then learns that part of the reason she is chosen is because she lives in a place where the separation of our world and the world of demons, known as Hellmouth because it is the portal to Hell resides. So it is her job to rid the world of these evil beings as they emerge into earth by finding them and killing them, therefore returning them to Hell.

Since the idea of a person who is “chosen” to be the one to rid the world of vampires has been around for a long time, it was probably just a matter of time before someone would take that idea and twist it. Making her an ordinary teenage girl who hates to break a nail when killing demons is just a fun concept. Wheden was known for taking pop culture items and making them into a new idea, so it was not the surprising that he would have taken the idea of a high school cheerleader getting named for the dread job.

From there, it is just a quick hop to the television concept, of giving her the whole mythology that came to evolve in the show. I know that the comics and show came to evolve in very different directions, yet both have their merits and are fun to follow for their own reasons.

So if you have never checked out the movie or read the many graphic novels, I really recommend them because they are a lot of fun. Killing demons never looked so much fun or was as hilarious as when reading a Buffy theVampire Slayer Graphic Novel!

Anita Blake Books

I love fantasy books that focus on female vampire hunters.  The first book that "hooked" me was the Anita Blake book "Guilty Pleasures."  Anita was a no-holds barred kick butt vampire slayer.  She was fierce.  Around book 8 her character changed but the first books in the series were great.  Here's a listing of the entire series:

Book 1: Guilty Pleasures
Book 2: The Laughing Corpse
Book 3: Circus of the Damned
Book 4: The Lunatic Cafe
Book 5: Bloody Bones
Book 6: The Killing Dance
Book 7: Burnt Offerings
Book 8: Blue Moon
Book 9: Obsidian Butterfly
Book 10: Narcissus in Chains
Book 11: Cerulean Sins
Book 12: Incubus Dreams
Book 13: Micah
Book 14: Danse Macabre
Book 15: The Harlequin
Book 16: Blood Noir
Book 17: Skin Trade

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

Skinwalker, the first in the series of Jane Yellowrock novels by Faith Hunter, has created a totally new fan in me.  It’s the combination of things that I like best in an urban fantasy novel - a strong woman who takes care of herself and needs no man, sexy men who want her bad, a steamy setting in New Orleans, and a master vampire who is intrigued by her - but she’s able to resist him - barely.

The story starts out with Jane Yellowrock, a Native American of Cherokee descent, coming to New Orleans at the request of all the vampire clans.  They want her to find and kill a rogue vampire who is attacking and eating both humans and vampires in the city.  They chose the right gal: killing rogue vampires is what Jane does best.

However there's something different about Jane.  She has a Beast inside her who is her second soul.  She has no memory of how she got this second soul, she only knows that the Beast has always been there, ever since Jane was found in the woods as a teen.  And it’s the Beast who gives Jane the power to take down rogue vampires.  It’s not difficult to bring down a rouge vampire after you've shifted into a superhuman panther.  The downside though is that you crave a lot of raw meat, a side effect that can be a bit awkward on a date!

With her long, long hair, unique scent, and independent attitude, Jane drives the vampires and several of their human cohorts crazy.  They want her bad.  Yet, through it all, she remains focused on her job – find the rogue and bring back its head – so she can get paid.  The New Orleans setting provides a great backdrop for the action and, I think based on the ending, she’ll be staying there for the next novel in the series.  Especially since she has some seriously unfinished business with Leo, the master vampire.  Can’t wait!


fredgy on May 26, 2012:

i cant put this book on hold

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