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Fearful Hearts Making Superstitious Minds


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Our Dark Imagination Never Ceases to Play Tricks on Us

Our Dark Imagination Never Ceases to Play Tricks on Us

The world is a dangerous place. Not because of people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

-- Albert Einstein


Imagination seems to be in service of every real and unreal impression generated by an emotion. With heart producing some hundred times stronger electromagnetic field than brain, it's a small wonder that its emotions have great impact on what mind may produce.

Actually, our subconscious mind can't tell the difference between real and imagined threat, so it would be safe to say that we are mostly processing reality by including much of that imaginary crap. And nowhere is it more true than with superstition, which has succeeded to spread into the collective mind -- whether in forms of religious mythology, or just folklore tales about "evil".

It seems like one after another "threats" are befalling this poor human race -- or is it just our incredible tendency to believe anybody of some authority? The mankind has survived some conditions which no Hollywood film maker has ever been able to illustrate in any of those disaster movies.

Constant wars, pandemics -- with no doctors and vaccines around -- horrible lack of personal and collective hygiene, and everyday stresses that are incomparable with nowadays pampering, modern way of living.

And yet, here we are, shaking in our pants as soon as some smart ass in position of an authority tells us that we are in a danger of our extinction. When you really think of it, how idiotic they sound! A handful of loud mouth shnooks messing with minds of billions of ordinary people with just one shortcoming -- this truly unfortunate tendency to use everyone else's mind but their own.

The following pieces of prose in rhymes are depicting this aspect of the so called "human condition".

Fairy Tale of Evil

They tell us there is only love and fear

all other emotions stemming from them

so every story about evil is coming clear

as just another concept from fear to stem.

Love has been glorified countless ways

no surprise over fear not falling behind

evil enjoying flip-side of amorous blaze

morbid imagination polluting the mind.

Superstition is merely feeding on fear

and dupes the folks with needless worry

a boogieman for grownups spoiling cheer

with another pretty naiive and illogical story.

Every emotion seeks its outer expression

oftentimes we don't need an outside cue

just like loving heart finds its obsession

fearful one finds reasons to feel blue.

Humans are makers of anything unholy

as natural arrogance may surface up

driving us insane with this evil folly

adding to all other mental crap.

Masters at all that self-inflicted pain

we also go creative at forms of fear

driving ourselves downright insane

believing in any idiocy that we hear.

Isn't it privilege of impressionable child

to hallucinate all kind of spooks at night

so if we still allow imagination to go wild

what else to say, but -- it serves us right.

And Then One Day We Woke Up and All We Saw Was Mother-in-Law Telling Us That Coffee Was Ready

And Then One Day We Woke Up and All We Saw Was Mother-in-Law Telling Us That Coffee Was Ready

If you are going through hell, keep going.

-- Winston S. Churchill

Earth on a Grill of Fear

First came those prophets with a story of a hell

scaring crap of everyone in toilet of superstition

with most of the folks still under that same spell

retelling the story over in the mindless repetition.

Guts barbecued in an inferno of fear

at a Halloween of demons and spooks

devoid of a sense of optimism and cheer

forbidden to seek truth in any other books.

Then came another batch of alarmist asses

with stories of global warming -- call it a hell

and long before that new scary crap passes

many of us might religiously retell and retell.

Politicians came like in a wild stampede

creating enemies where none exist

joining every other alarmist breed

adding their spooks to that list.

Then medical wise asses playing their part

came up with viruses to make list complete

with their own racket so planned and smart

only the time to bring all the proofs of deceit.

It's like we humans enjoy cooking in our own juices

always in some fever of one doomsday or another

falling for any smart and manipulative abuses

reluctant in whose hell we would roast rather.

So let us summon some firefighters of reason

to put out those flames of ignorance and fear

even if we are committing a religious treason

to save our asses by enjoying now and here.


In this poem "asses" was used three times

and "crap" only twice, so I'm owing one

well, as long as I got it all in rhymes

I'm quite happy my poetry is done.

© 2020 Val Karas


Vanita Thakkar on November 23, 2020:

You have handled the serious widespread disorder in a concise, simple and light manner, Val. The quotes relate very well to the contents as well as prevailing conditions. Mind games of fears which branch out into games of blame and guilt have become common - with widespread roots into collectivity. A huge upheaval of hope and faith and trust and love seems to be urgently in need during these difficult days of global crisis. Let us hope that happens.