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Fear Of An Unborn Child

Anxiety Of The Fetus


Fear Before Going To Be Born

I don't know what will wait for me

I am in the safest place.

I know I won't live here any longer,

But I can realize you are waiting for me.

My concern is that I have not comfortable with your world

I might smile if you tried to smile at me.

I might cry if you did not feed me.

I might play with your family.

But I'm afraid of growing in this damn world.

I would not be safe.

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I know you must care for me,

But beyond your eyes,

Something is looking for me.

you are eagerly waiting to see my face,

But I am not interested in gushing out.

I have to move here because you love me.

I am about to see you mom.

Please protect me, unless your people gulp me.


mukeshmanohar (author) from India on January 29, 2021:

thank you

Manojharidas on January 28, 2021:

Very good

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