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Fear Mongering: A Satirical Poem

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


Fear is the strongest emotion we can feel

also most trigger-happy to hit our nerves

alarming us quickly to any survival ordeal

that being a general purpose fear serves.

That's why it's most used of manipulation tools

in strategy tool box of those dishonest leaders

making of all mankind nothing but massive fools

securing a smooth influence of all fear breeders.

You spread panic about the country being invaded

with you having the power to stop their advance

and you've got them all so easily persuaded

now to any of your music they will dance.

For fear is hypnotic, and leaders know it so well

and as long as they point at an imaginary foe

people will buy anything else that you sell

dark belief dictating what they "know".

Fear of evil and the inferno of hell

keeps people sticking to their church

like disabled to snap out of a fear spell

blocking their minds from a logical search.

How many grants would be suspended

if global warming turned out to be a hoax

so that fear mongering is not to be ended

with well paid scientists duping all the folks.

For stronger flares of sun happened in the past

with droughts, and fires, and floods and all

but well aimed fear spreads really fast

making the mankind a puppet doll.

How could we leave out the medical trade

their being the only way you could survive

and after all those medical bills being paid

you think it's for them that you're still alive.

Lying to us all about futility of the vaccination

corralling all herd where they want us to be

making total morons of the entire nation

it's easy to fear what we cannot see.

It's so hard to see through a thick fog of a fear

how many manipulators are taking us for a ride

but maybe it's only a lack of some fun and cheer

not allowing us to bring all spooks out of their hide.

© 2021 Val Karas

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