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Best Books I've Read in 2021


The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution - Richard Dawkins

A book in which Dawkins reveals evolution with purely scientific facts and evidence, without delving into philosophy and religion. The book not only explains evolution, but also contains plenty of educational and instructive information and evidence on many subjects such as Biology, Zoology, Genetics, Geology, Anthropology. At the end of the book, the results of a long-term research about evolution and related topics are placed for all countries. The biggest difficulties in reading scientific publications are that they are difficult to understand without a certain knowledge and the written language is often heavy. The most important reason why Dawkins and his books are so popular is that he can overcome both of these difficulties. The written language is very simple and clear; While it excites you from time to time, it sometimes surprises you and even makes you smile. As human beings, we may have a tendency to avoid the issues that we find disturbing and that are contrary to our beliefs and values. Although scientists emphasize that evolution is a scientific fact, many people view evolution as a matter of belief and oppose it. Dawkins' book is not intended to refute beliefs, but merely to reveal scientific facts, after which it's up to you what you believe and what you accept...A book that should be read by anyone whose desire to know the truth is greater than their fear of learning the truth.


Tekvin - Arif Ergin

Tekvin, the name of one of the lost paintings of Osman Hamdi, whose literal meaning is "Creation"; It is also the first book of Arif Ergin, whose main profession is engineering. Ergin was curious about the word "Tekvin" written on the roll that he found in his grandfather's study, and after many years of research, he came up with a novel that included the history of Istanbul. The book contains great information about the historical peninsula of Istanbul, places like Galata Mevlevihanesi, Saint Antuan Church, Galata, Tunnel, Cisterns, Kamondo stairs. Kamondo and Rothschild families; Illumaniti, mysterious cults, organizations and much more are included in the book.

Hakan, his friend Ahu and art historian Derya's pursuit of Osman Hamdi's lost painting, meanwhile this pursuit lots of occasions they live, is the book's topic.
The secret that has been guarded for centuries is hidden inside the painting and many other organizations, cults and individuals are after the big secret in it, after a while, it turns into a deadly escape chase. Although the book is a detective, adventure genre, it also contains tremendous information about places, art and history. Ergin, also known as the Turkish "Dan Brown", with his fluent language and his knowledge of art and history, which has obviously been researched for a long time, makes you want to finish the 600-page book at once.


Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes

He has a lower level of intelligence compared to the normal people, has an innocence that people do not realize even though he is despised, biologically 32, has the age and behavior of a child in terms of intelligence; The story of Charlie, who just wants to be 'smart' like other people and be accepted by them, is quite heartbreaking. Agreeing to be a test subject for a few scientists who say they can realize this dream, Charlie meets the mouse named Algernon, who is the animal subject of the same project. The story, written by Charlie's pen, initially filled with simple sentences and spelling mistakes in the beginning. Charlie’s story causes us to question many things about humanity, existence, ego and life with his writings while his intelligence increases.

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