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Fauci Caught Cooking Meth in the Middle of the Desert



Dr Fauci is now in hot water for cooking meth in a winnebago in the middle of the desert. Fauci, who'd been getting heat by Hillary Clinton for not deleting his emails and then burning the computers that he had them on, has found himself in less trouble than before.

"I figured if I was caught cooking meth that everyone would forget me screwing over the world. " He explained. He did forget to delete the emails setting up drug deals and his venmo/zelle payments that say: "$5000 for meth, thanks".


How he got caught

He also left exact coordinates to his secret cooking location which the FBI used to track him down. "We knew the spot well, the CIA used that spot as a drug drop point a few years ago. So we weren't surprised that Fauci knew it wasn't being used currently and borrowing it from us in the meantime." An FBI agent reported.


Don't worry he'll be protected

As of now Fauci is emailing with Facebook to work out what part of his criminal activities will be banned from the platform. "I have confidence that Mark will just ban anything negative about me. It worked great with the Wuhan lab leak. They banned all of those posts, I don't see why he wouldn't here."

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