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Farmers ( the Hard Working People)

The Hard Working People


Learn from the working people

To Working hard.

How to they make barren land

into fertile fields.

To work hard in all seasons

They obsess with passion.

Cold-summer, rain-flood

They keep away all the troubles.

They cut the mountains

And make a field .

Storms and foot swings,

Never stop them.

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Before the Sun-Rise

They pull out plow to plough.

Finally in the every house

The bread bakes.

But their life do not get value.

They starve themselves

never keep us hungry.

It us true tha

Farmers are the backbone

of this country's economy

And their life need to be happy.

For this, it is necessary that

the farmer gets a good price for his crop.

And he should also get

compensation for his crop at the right time.

It is also important to motivate

the farmer to use new technology

and take advantage of

government-run schemes.



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