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Fantasy and Magic


Princess of Souls

Here is a story that will definitely take you away to a different place, because it is set in a fictional world called The Six Isles.

My first impression of the book

When I first saw the cover of this book, I felt a really creepy sort of chill down my spine. This is because the picture on the cover included what looks like a very long snake. I do not like snakes, and I have some sort of fear of them, but I did not let this put me off reading the book. I also noticed that there was a green background with what looked like a broken object that looked like some sort of primitive crown.

The main characters

There are many interesting characters in this book including the main character who is a teenage girl named Selestra. This girl is no ordinary teenage girl because she is the daughter to the evil King , she has magical powers, she can see into the future because she knows when people are going to meet their deaths. Selestra has spent most of her short life being locked away in a tower. She also has green hair and snake eyes (hence the design on the cover of the book) .

The second main character is a young soldier named Nox. He is out to get vengeance on the king for the untimely death of his own father.

The King is an immortal being who has to feed on the souls of dead people to be able to stay alive. The Queen is his sidekick and the mother of Selestra.

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The Plot

When Selestra and Nox meet for the first time , Selestra is able to use her powers to see that Nox will be meeting his death very soon. At the same time, Selestra sees her own death and she knows that she is somehow linked to this soldier who wishes to cause trouble for her family.

One night she manages to escape her prison to go to find Nox in the town. She is trying to warn him about his own death in order to save herself.

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My opinion of Fantasy and Magic.

I love reading books on fantasy and magic because these sorts of books really capture my imagination. I can be taken away to imaginary worlds where everything is so different from everyday life. The beings in the stories are often more outrageous than us ordinary human beings with their strange appearances and their magical powers. I often think that some of these stories would make marvellous films , TV series or themes for video and computer games.

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Book Title and Author Name

Princess of Souls -- Alexandra Christo

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