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Fans of the Character Pippa Park Will Cheer Her On With Planning a Christmas Party in New Chapter Book

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Fun Read for Middle School Readers

Can planning a Christmas party help Pippa's social life?

Can planning a Christmas party help Pippa's social life?

Pippa Park Is Back With Plans for a Christmas Party to Improve Her Social Life

Fans of the character Pippa Park will want to get Erin Yun's new chapter book Pippa Park-Crush at First Sight. Pippa Park is a Korean American girl who has the ongoing challenges of middle school friendships, bullying, having a crush on a boy at school, and helping her family with their struggling laundrymat business. Pippa also loves basketball. Pippa also has the ongoing struggle of trying to fit in at school because of her heritage. This engaging chapter book has all of the elements of middle school that young readers will relate to.

Pippa also has a crush on her math tutor. He is the cutest boy in school and Pippa is excited that he might also like her too. There is also Pippa's nemesis, Caroline, who would like nothing better than to see Pippa fail in all of her struggles.

The opportunity to plan and host the yearly Christmas party might actually improve her social life. Pippa takes on the job and young readers will find this a page-turner to find out if the party is a success.

Yun writes with easy text and recognizable scenarios that middle school readers will recognize. Each chapter is creatively titled with the number of days until Christmas. The chapters are the count-down to Pippa's Christmas party and young readers will be engaged in each chapter to discover the end and how the party turns out.

Pippa Park-Crush At First Sight is recommended for ages 10-13. It was published by Fabled Films Press and has an ISBN of 978-1-944-020-80-4.

Bring Pippa Into Your Language Arts Class for Engaging Activities

Erin Yun's Pippa Park-Crush At First Sight is a fun read for middle school readers. Teachers who teach language arts for middle schoolers will want to add this chapter book to their classroom library for engaging enhancement activties. Students who have friends who are Korean American will relate to Pippa's struggles to fit in. All students who are immigrants will recognize the struggles that Pippa has in fitting in. Teachers will want to assign the book as an individual project for students to read on their own for projects or as a class reading group for students to read a few chapters aloud each day to share with classmates. Middle schoolers enjoy chapter books and they also enjoy reading aloud to improve their reading skills in reading aloud.

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*Assign a creative writing project for students to write about their own struggles to fit in in middle school. Do they have similar struggles to Pippa's activities in middle school?

*Engage students in a class discussion of having "royals" in their school. Who are the most popular students in the school who might be referred to as the "royals" as they are in Pippa's school?

*Engage students in a class discussion of the problem of bullying. Prepare a class project for students to be engaged in activities to solve the problem of bullying.

*Pippa also attends a Hanukkah party in addition to planning the Christmas party. Engage students in a multicultural study of Hanukkah. Take a class poll of how many students have Jewish friends who celebrate Hanukkah.

*Engage students in the importance of the Christmas gift that Pippa received. Have your students ever received a gift that embodied all of what Pippa said that this gift made her feel?

*Assign a creative writing project for students to write about a gift that they may have recieved that made them feel a sense of belonging and friendship as Pippa did with her gift.

Get to Know Fabled Films Press

Fabled Films Press is a company that teachers who teach middle grade students will want to become familiar with. This company creates original books for middle school readers. Each created project is connected to its own website with guides for educators to use. Engaging activities are part of the production with videos, social media content, and a welath of supplemental material for educators to use with the chosen books. Educators can connect with the company at

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