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LOVE- Luring Out Violent Emotions

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My article is a first story, which is imaginative. All the characters are fictitious. They do not resemble, anyone or any place.

Behavioural Patterns


Goodbye Dad! (Part 1)

Lashanda was in her favourite white jeans and yellow tank top and a carriage bag with all her toiletries kit and clothings inside, it's handle in her right hand, was rolling besides Lashanda, as she pushed open, her father-in-law's bedroom. A sluggish old man, effected by Quadriplegia paralysis, sat on his wheel chair, peeping out of the window, admiring a bird on the tree, distracted by the door sound looked at Lashanda and her carriage bag with surprise.

Past a year, her father-in-law, a retired lawyer, by profession, had a drastic change, in his life. He met with an accident, had brain hammerage, which led him to coma. After 3 months, in SICU, he came out from the state of coma but unfortunately, he lost his voice and was paralyzed. Lashanda, took care of him. His food, medicine, track of his health record, along with exercise, almost everything, like a daughter. A male caregiver, was also appointed, so that Lashanda and Burt, would go to work. Burt, had no time, for his wife, nor for his father, as well. But, Lashanda had marital disputes with Burt, which her father-in-law, was very well aware of and he always supported Lashanda. Now, totally blank, she had come to say Goodbye to her father-in-law, forever. She had plans, which she had shared with No one, not even with herself. Was she confused? She loosened her grip from the handle of the bag and slowly took hold of her father-in-law's hand and said, "Goodbye, Take care Dad, I am leaving this house, forever! She saw a tear drop, rolling down his cheeks, for he was dumb, due to his condition. Still with efforts, he tried nodding his head, " Don't go!"

The TV news, banged Lashanda, speechless, on the couch!

But Lashanda, in no time, was in the Hall, where Burt, her husband, was on his cellphone and watching the headlines, of prior an hour and half. The TV was flashing a bomb explosion news, which happened in "Time-To-Eat" restaurant, just 2 hours back and at that hour she was present there, in that restaurant, on her duty! She just banged herself on the couch, near Burt, nearly shocked and numb stroke. Some sort of fear and anger accompanied with guilt, ran through her nerves and collected, in her brain, her heartbeats started running fast. Although, she was sweating, she was cold and stiff. She could not speak, she could hear nothing, she could only hear Burt, murmur something to her....

Arrival of a furry guest (Part 2)

Venue: 'Time-to-Eat' (Pet-Not-So-Friendly) Restaurant.
Time: 12:30 noon
Day: Fine Sunny day
Counter girl: Lashanda Xavier

A tall, dashing, handsome man, with a furry cat, of a Rag-doll breed, entered, the restaurant and approached himself, politely to Lashanda, " Hello, I'd like to sign up for an entry to my pet here. May I?
Lashanda (amazed), "Excuse me, Sir, Why on earth, would you write down your cats name in the entry? And.... "
Before, she could continue, Clark, cuddled his cat and looking proudly at Lashanda replied, "She's tired and hungry as well, coz", a long sigh, " She drove me here, today! Fluffy, is a great driver and she has to eat now."
Lashanda, looks at the cat, named Fluffy, who meows at her, as if to agree with Clark, that she was very hungry!

Lashanda, looks at the cat, named Fluffy, who meows at her, as if to agree with Clark, that she was very hungry!
Lashanda, mutters to herself, "I think, I need to find another job!"
Clark, "I promise, she'll be a good guest!"
In time, Mr. Benjamin, the manager, to Clark, "You both are most welcome, Sir! "
Heading towards Lashanda, "Fill up an online form, with details of his pets and I'll see, how I make pets comfortable with their owners, in my restaurant." Smiling back at Clark, he left. Lashanda, first made arrangement of a table for Clark and Fluffy, as both were hungry.

Blue-eyed Ragdolls


Sasha and Lashanda curious about Clark! (Part 3)

Sasha, another counter associate, approaches Lashanda, "So, your secret admirer is her with a cat!" Lashanda, bit blushing, "Her name is Fluffy!" Sasha, "Ohh, Darling and the name of her owner?" "It's, Clark!", Lashanda replied in haste as she had to enter his meal order in her computer. The order taker, gave her the list.

Clark ordered Steamed white fish for Fluffy. He treated himself with Pulled pork gravy and Steak sandwich. After having a hearts meal, Clark, carrying Fluffy, who had flopped in his arms, headed towards Lashanda, "Hey, that meal was awesome!" Lashanda, "Thank you, Sir!" "It's Clark, you can call me that!" Lashanda glanced at Clark and doted Fluffy, who was still smacking her lips and whiskers, "Cutie, it seems you enjoyed your meal!" Fluffy agreedly meowed. Clark payed the bill and left with Fluffy, in his arms.

Sasha, "I think, he is here for you!" Lashanda, knew, Sasha was always worried about her as she was her childhood friend and the counter job was alotted to her all because of Sasha.

Sasha knew that Lashanda was lonely and unhappy, in her marriage. Sasha, herself, was a single mother of 2 children. Both, Lashanda and Sasha, were aware that Clark, past a few days, was keeping an eye on Lashanda, from the glass door of the restaurant. They could see him strolling outside on the streets.

Now, he was here, at the restaurant. Sasha had many doubts, Was Fluffy, just an excuse to meet Lashanda? Did he know Lashanda or rather did he like her?

Sasha was curious to know about Clark and so was Lashanda!


Burt, a work alcoholic (Part 4)

Lashanda, was married in her teens. It was an arranged marriage at 17, with the consent of her father. Burt, was a Sales Manager and handled his team, efficiently. But, he was very dominating and a short-tempered guy. He was a work-alcoholic. He hardly had time for Lashanda. He had no time for his father nor for his wife. He would never open his mouth to have a word of concern or love to her but rather to shout and scream. Their sexual life had no existence, from day one. 5 years of marriage, led her to nowhere. Burt liked home-cooked food and was only concerned about his tiffin box, that too, without a thankful word. Nor, did he bother to wave goodbye to her, while leaving for office.
Lashanda was a homemaker and it was Sasha, who suggested her to start working, along with her, in the restaurant.
Lashanda's siblings, her father, Sasha, and her father- in- law, were the only people whom she would rely on with confidence but they were also undergoing some or the other ups and downs in their life.

Sometimes, Lashanda, used to wonder, 'Life is so very routined and dull. Relationships so fake.'
During, rough nights, Lashanda, used to question Burt, as she thought, he was hiding something from her and tried to perform her role, as a wife. Burt instead, yelled and blamed her. It seemed, as if, he was either fed up with himself or their relationship!
Lashanda's father, was an agribusiness man, in partnership with her mother, who left her 3 children, Lashanda, being the youngest, for the sake of her 7 year younger, ex-marital affair. The guy, through her mom, was now, harrassing Lashanda's father, for an equal proportion of the yields, which was poor. Arguments, Demands, Fights, Financial burden, Pressure and Chaos, all led to Lashanda's marriage. She had an elder brother, who was 19 and another 18 year old transgender sibling, who was a year elder to her. Sometimes, she could not understand life.
Lashanda was now on antidepressant pills.
So, Sasha, suggested her to work, live her life and love herself. Sasha, was a very practical, bold, understanding, self-made woman. But still, as a human being, each of us have feelings, desires, wants, needs, specifically love in all stages of life.

The Beginning of Lashanda's first love story. (Part 5)

Now, Clark, was a regular guest, in Time-To-Eat restaurant. Most of the time, Fluffy and sometimes a few of his friends, used to accompany him. He made himself very presentable and approachable to Lashanda, who was also attracted towards him. She was aware, that she had a soft corner for him.

One fine day, was a celebration time. It was

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Clark's birthday! Lashanda and Sasha, we're invited at his house, in the evening.

Sasha, "I won't be able to accompany you, Lashanda, as Keith (her son), is unwell. So, go for it and don't forget, I am happy for you!"

The whole day, Lashanda, only thought of Clark. She did call him twice. She was eagerly waiting for 7pm. And finally, it was 7. She hurried for her home. She almost took 2 hours to get herself ready.

She wore her favourite, long, rainbow printed, skirt and plain white, boat necked, top. White pointed heels. Curled her hair and applied Orange matte lipstick. She looked a gorgeous lady!

Clark was a great Pianist!

She rang the door of Clark's house. To her surprise, rose petals, fell on her, from a bucket, hanged at the top of the ceiling at the entrance. It was dark, in the room. In a seconds of time, low music playing a tempting love song was playing in the room's corner. And suddenly, the room was lightened with a rainbow light.She saw Clark, in the corner, sitting and playing a piano. As the rainbow lighting started a disco, Clark, rose from his seat and welcomed Lashanda, with a tight hugh. She was embarrassed at first but the next moment, she liked the warm welcome and wished, this moment would stop here as she longed for all this, so many decades! The recorder was playing and the rainbow light were dancing with Lashanda and Clark. They were lost in their own world of love! The atmosphere was smelling good and fresh and free from all restrictions, tension. After sometime, the music stopped. "Clark, happy birthday to you!" Clark, put his arms around her waist, pulled her, towards him and said, "Thank you, dear!" And he kissed her. 5 years of marriage but this was the first time, she experienced all this! Clark carried her, in his arms and headed towards the bedroom. Lashanda was stunned and was looking more prettier. She was blushing. While performing love, she was feeling as if, she was in heaven! Now, she felt, she was complete! Her first love story had started. She was so happy that tears, rolled down her cheeks. Clark, kissed the tears with his lips. She opened her arms and hugged him tightly. "Lashanda, let's get married!", said Clark. She looked at him with wide open eyes. As what he said, was least expected to her. Then, she went to freshen up. When she came out of the washroom, Clark was on a video call. He was talking with his parents and he called Lashanda and introduced her to them. They spoke with her and said, they were happy for Clark and Lashanda. They accepted her easily. Clark knew, she was married and now his parents too and they had no problem. Lashanda was happy as well but she felt she was so stupid. She felt, there are nice people in the world. She felt, she was also lucky to have Clark and her life was now improving.

Clark had plans. (Part 6)

Fluffy was in her basket in the Drawing room. When she saw Lashanda, she flopped in her arms and rubbed her chin on Lashanda's shoulder. Lashanda cuddled her closely in her arms. Then, she kept her back in her cosy basket. Kissed Clark and waived both of them a good bye.

While travelling home, Lashanda was thinking of Clark and smiling. She was feeling as if she had achieved everything. Now, she wanted nothing more.

Next day, she came to work, in a good mood. This was not hidden from Sasha. "How is Keith?" Sasha, "He is much better. And what about you, Lashanda? You look a different person today!" Lashanda was blushing. She told Sasha everything. Sasha was really very happy for her. After sometime, Clark, arrived. He wished her good day and went to a seat. A man with a cap was already seated there. The man and Clark seemed very serious in their talks. But they were talking very softly. Clark attended 2 calls in between their conversation. Today, he had no time for a glance at Lashanda! After an hour, Clark, left the restaurant with the man. Lashanda had a big question mark on her face. She decided to go to Clark's place, after work.

Lashanda, rang Clark's door bell but she was astonished to see the same man, with the hat, open the door. Of course, now he was not wearing the hat. She heard Clark saying, "Come on in!" Looking at the man, he said, "He is my cousin, he is a traveller, but this house belongs to him.", saying this Clark hurriedly, folded a map, which was spread on the table and handed it over to the man. The man took the map and went away.

"Come dear", Clark pulled her near, kissed her, carried her to the bedroom and they were intimate again. After an hour or so, she hurried home as she knew, her father-in-law, must be waiting for her. But on the way, she was thinking of Clark and the man. She was also thinking, about the 'runaway plan' which Clark had planned for her. After 2 days, she was supposed to runaway with Clark to his homeland. She was not sure, if she would.

Lashanda was a bad decision- maker (Part 7)

Lashanda had developed a behavior which was acceptable in all socities for a female. She was not bold, to speak out her opinions. She was an obeying female, who thought, all the decisions made by her dear ones, are for her benefit. She was a sacrificial or rather bearing to an extent level type.

So, now, when Clark told her about the Runaway plan, she was just not deciding or rather she was trying to go with the flow.

She went to work, a little tensed the next day. Clark arrived after sometime. He told her that tomorrow, on the Runaway day, he will see her in the restaurant. And then she has also has to leave in the afternoon. He showed her the tickets.

Next day, Clark arrived at 12 noon. He was carrying a bag and a box of parcel, which had something for his cousin. He said, "I have already packed my bag and I will wait here for sometime, for my cousin and hand over, his house keys and this gift box to him. Once, I leave, you too, go home and meet me at the airport."

Runaway time.

Sasha, was noticing that Lashanda was worried. She asked her about it. Lashanda said, "Nothing to worry. Just a bit tired."

Clark waited for half an hour. He went to Lashanda and said, "I have an urgent meeting. Can you, hand over this box and these keys to my cousin?" She said, "OK" And sighed. Clark left.

Now, it was Lashanda's turn. She told Sasha, that she is feeling unwell and leaving for home. Lashanda came home. Packed her bag and her toiletries and waived Good-bye to dad.

She had no plans to runaway. But as a bad decision maker, she was unsure. She decided to go with the flow. She was going to tell Burt, that she is leaving him forever.

Burt was calling out, "Hey, Lashanda, it's ok dear! You are safe!." She got up. Burt gave her a glass of water to drink. She was shivering.....

She had forgotten the gift box, given by Clark, in her Counter's drawer!

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Why does LOVE have so many sufferings and sacrifices?

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