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Fallen Academy Year 4 a Personal Reiew

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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.


Title : Fallen Academy : Year Four

Author : Leia Stone

Publication Date : April 19, 2019
Page Length : 310 pages
Last book in the Fallen Academy Series.


Brielle Atwater is at it again, but this time she is ready to take on the Devil himself. Having been to Hell and back and fight demons to keep those she love safe, Brielle is ready to end the war. She first has to get rid of the icky black glob of magic Lucifer had placed all over her infinity weapon. With no on to help her figure it out, it takes Brielle a while to figure out how to clean her blade, but after freeing the Humans in Demon City from an untimely death, Brielle figures out how to clean Sera off and storms into Hell, ready to fill the prophecy of her killing Lucifer.

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The Meat!

The final installment to the Fallen Academy series was a decent read. I am pleased to say it ended it nicely, but also left room to carry on the story a bit in the future, if it is desired. I really liked that it wrapped up a lot of the story while also leaving just enough to be curious about. I think my favorite part would be how Lucifer tried to make it so Brielle had to keep her promise to him. However, that was also my least favorite part. It was one of those moments that had me emotional but wasn't very satisfactory in how that played out. At least to me.

This scene happens about half way through the book, and it is important in the getting of Sera back. However, I just felt it to be lacking. Yes, Brielle stood up for herself and we got to see a glimpse of Heaven, but it was kind of anti-climatic. I wanted more of a battle than a small fight. However, upon the end of the small fight, we are able to see a few characters we haven't met and one that we have. It was nice and a bit of a tear jerker. I just wish the small little Lucifer scene had more action. In fact, I would've have loved more in the Lucifer fights all around, but with what was given, it was still decent.

As always, we get to watch Brielle grow a bit and learn some new things, mostly about herself. However, there wasn't a whole lot of growth and learning in this book. It had a big idea learned by Brielle, which was kind of humorous to me, which allowed her to clean of Sera from the Prince of Darkness' black magical goop that was all over the blade. I rather enjoyed how Sera explained it felt like and how Brielle described Lucifer. It was enjoyable, considering she had set out to try one thing and figured out another. I heavily enjoyed how the Archangels were going into Hell with Brielle. It was a bit of a moment where you got excited because if they were there, then you wanted a huge battle. I was disappointed by the Lucifer battle here as well. Still a decent fight, but wanted so much more. That is my own opinion though. I love lots of action and this seemed like a book to have a ton of action, but didn't have as much as I would expect from an epic battle.

Overall the book was fairly good. It would get intense whenever Lucifer would show up or do/order something new, but it never created such high anxiety that made it hard to read at moments, like some of the books before it. I did still find it hard to put down, after all, I had to know if what happened to Lucifer, and how the story ended. I do find myself wishing there was more about Lucifer in this book, especially since he tells Brielle he isn't completely evil. I think it would have been a great way to get his side of things, but I can deal with it as it is. This final installment did wrap up the story nicely and though I had expected a ton more than I was given, it was a really good read. I would rate this book three stars out of five stars because of it being a bit anti-climatic and lacking some intense fighting scenes.

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