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Fairy Tale Reimagined with a Hilarious Twist on Some Old Familiar Characters

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Hilarious Twist on an Old Familiar Fairy Tale

Fun read aloud for ages 8-12 who want to remember some familar fairy tales

Fun read aloud for ages 8-12 who want to remember some familar fairy tales

Who Doesn't Love to Remember a Familiar Fairy Tale with Beloved Characters?

Liesl Shurtliff returns with an addition to her other best-selling books that have hilarious twists to fairy tales that older children will remember from earlier days. Grump is a tale that incorporates a grumpy dwarf from the beloved Snow White tale with hilarious adventures with a queen that he has always wanted to be friends with.

Borlen, a dwarf who has been nicknamed "Grump", lives in an underground cave. Borlen has always wanted to explore the world by coming up to the surface. He finally gets the opportunity to come above ground when Queen Elfrieda Veronika Ingrid Lenore befriends him. Young readers should take note that the initials of the queen's name spell out the word E.V.I.L. Borlen has always wanted to have a best friend and he is is excited to have the queen as his new best friend. Young readers will also notice that instead of a red apple that the queen entices Snow White with, this queen has red rubies that are totally awesome to Borlen. He can have all the rubies that he can eat if he befriends the queen and does her evil bidding. This queen wants Grump to do an evil act to her stepdaughter Snow White. The similarity in this new twist of a tale is that Grump is one of Snow White's friendly dwarfs and he wants to protect her. However, Grump is entangled by the evil queen's magic, and he has a decision to make. The queen also has a magic mirror that she uses to keep tabs on the progress of having the evil deed done. What's a dwarf to do? The final chapter is a definite page turner as young readers will want to discover Grump's plan to outwit the evil queen and save his friend Snow White. The red ruby has a special part to play in the end of the story.

Grump was published by Random House Children's Books and is recommended for ages 8-12. It has an ISBN of 978-1-5247-1701-8.

Great Read Aloud for Fun Classroom Lessons to Revisit Familar Fairy Tales

Teachers who teach reading and English in classrooms for ages 8-12 will want to add Liesl Shurtliff's new book Grump to their classroom collection of fun read alouds. Children will enjoy revisiting the old fairy tale about Snow White, the dwarfs, and the evil queen. Grump is a chapter book that can be read over an extended period of time in daily read aloud sessions with the entire class. Children will also enjoy reading the book alone when they have free reading time.

*Read Grump in a group reading time with one or two chapters being read aloud each day with the students.

*Call attention to the characters in each chapter that are similar to the original fairy tale of Snow White and the ones that Shurtliff has added to embellish her twist on the familiar tale.

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*Brainstorm with the students with ideas about their favorite characters and how these characters add humor to the new twists on the fairy tale.

*Grump is written in the first person genre with Boren the dwarf telling the story. Students might like to put themselves in his place as the adventures unfold and discuss ideas about what they would do if they were in his place with the decision to either follow the evil queen's plot to kill Snow White or to save Snow White.

*Call attention to the use of the red ruby. Shurtliff includes an interesting list of precious stones and the magic powers that these stones might possess. Students might like to research some of the stones and how the magic powers can help iin life. The ruby is listed as helpful in providing a long life and helping to protect from evil. A geology lesson is a fun side lesson to extend interest in reading Grump.

Fun Side Geology Lesson with List of Precious Stones and Their Powers


Fairy Tales in the Classroom

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