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Fading Away

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I Feel Like I'm Fading Away
Its The Same Shit
Day After Day
Each Day Feels Like The Last
Melting Away Into The Past
Never Hopeful For What Comes Next
I Really Feel Like I've Been Hexed
Cant Escape This Rut I'm In
Cursed It Seems
And Patience Is Thin
Nothing Special Of Which To Speak
No Social Life When Things Get Bleak
No Love For Me From Anyone
No Nothing In Any Sense Of Fun
Gloom And Doom Are All I Know
And The Sadness Is Really Starting To Show
Cant Hide This Shit
I'm Too Far Gone
Stay At Home, So Withdrawn
I Do What I Can
But Its Not Enough
Sleep Schedule Really Makes It Rough
Depressed Already Then Boredom Will Creep
The Best Plan Is Now For Me To Sleep
Sleep Has No More Pain
No More Stressing
Trying In Vain
To Dig Myself Out Of This Hole
Even Though Its Always My Goal
So Peaceful It Is, Being Asleep
Laying In Bed, A Useless Heap
Its Great For The Soul
But I Hate It, Why
The Longer I'm Asleep
The More Life Passes By
Life Is So Short
Life Should Be Great
It Sucks To Sleep Away
A Life That You Hate
I've Tried Many Things
To Change These Ways
But New Conflicts Arise
Every Few Days
Some I Can Handle On My Own
Others Are Out Of My Ability Zone
Forcing Me To Do What Little I Can
Sleeping It Off Seems Like The Best Plan
Its Really Not Though
Its Not Ideal
Roll The Dice
Spin The Wheel
Play The Cards That You Were Dealt
Smother All Feelings
That You Felt
Fading Away
What Could Be Worse
Welcome To My Life
It Is My Curse

© 2020 Mike

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