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42 Reasons Why Kaido Is Such a Badass

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Who is Kaido?

Kaido debuted in One Piece manga chapter 795 but that is not the first time to be mentioned in a story. Moria was the one to mention him first, right after he obtained Luffy's shadow. Not so long after that, Straw Hats learned that Kaido is actually a Yonko. It was later stated that Kaido is unable to die. He is constantly trying to kill himself, but never succeeded. He is the captain of the Beast pirates, who occupied the Wano country and mercilessly killed Kozuki Oden in front of Momonosuke.

Kaido is a great upcoming character in One Piece, as Oda will show in the next arc - The Wano Country arc.

Down below is a full list of all known reasons why Kaido is the coolest One Piece character ever created.



  • Kaido was born in All Blue.
  • Kaido has the highest bounty...Always!
  • You can't call Kaido over a Den Den Mushi. Kaido calls you.
  • If you are taller than Kaido, Kaido is still taller than you.
  • Kaido eats Devil Fruits on a regular basis.
Kaido. (fan art)

Kaido. (fan art)

  • Whenever Kaido gets in contact with Kairoseki. Kairoseki gets tired.
  • Kaido knows what happened in the Void Century.
  • Kaido is the will of D.
  • Kaido once farted and the Knock Up Stream appeared.
  • Kaido went to sleep. Out of scare, the sea became calm. Thus it became the Calm Belt.
  • God, Superman and Kaido decided to walk on water past a river. Kaido goes first. He walks over the water and waits on the other side. God follows. He walks over the water and waits with Kaido on the other side. Superman goes last. He steps on the water and falls in. All wet. God asks Kaido why he didn't tell him about the rocks you can walk trough that are underwater. Kaido replies: "What rocks?
  • Moriah took Kaido's shadow, Kaido's shadow beat the hell out of Moriah.
Moriah's fake smile.

Moriah's fake smile.

  • Kaido once planted a seed... it became the Devil Fruit tree.
  • Kaido once had a pet and named it Zou.
  • Kaido goes to Raftel... daily.
  • Gol D. Roger once cosplayed. He was Kaido.
Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger

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Monkey D. Dragon is disappointed in Luffy.

Monkey D. Dragon is disappointed in Luffy.

  • Shanks didn't stop Kaido from going to Marineford. Kaido actually kicked Shanks and his crew right in front of Marineford and that's how they arrived so fast.
  • Kaido built a paper boat for a little adorable child. The boat is now known as Noah.
  • Once Kaido sneezed underwater. He blowed up a part of Jaya Island.
  • Kai means "Change", Ou means "King". Kaidou = Kai D. Ou > King of Change. Therefore, the man Roger is waiting for is not Luffy, it's Kaido!
  • Kaido uses Aokiji as a refrigerator.
  • Kaido gave his Straw hat to Roger.
  • Kizaru is used by Kaido as a lamp.
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  • Kaido bakes cookies on Akainu.
  • Boa Hancock once loved another man before Luffy. It was Kaido.
  • Amazon Lily is Kaido's harem.
  • Pluton was Kaido's toy.
  • Kaido once uploaded a video on Youtube under a title " funny cats ". On the video you could see Rob Lucci playing with a ball.
  • Kaido invented Haki.
  • Kaido uses Dracule Mihawk's sword as a toothpick.
  • Eiichiro Oda sleeps 2 hours a day. Why? Because Kaido says so.
  • Law eats bread in front of Kaido without a complaint.
Law's reaction.

Law's reaction.

  • The Raijin Island's lightning storm is fueled by Kaido's anger.
  • Kaido once did the Conquerers Haki and the Void Century came to exist.
  • Kaido trains Sea Titans as a hobby.
  • Doffy takes off his glasses in front of Kaido out of respect.
Doflamingo and Kaido.

Doflamingo and Kaido.

  • North, South, East and West blue are Kaido's little fishtanks.
  • Kaido uses Mr. 1 to cut bread.
  • Kaido ate two same Devil fruits.
  • Chopper doesn't swear when he gets a compliment from Kaido.
  • When passing through Kaido, the Negative Hollows become positive.
  • Lola once tried to propose Kaidou. He...


................................ rejected her as well.

Kaido sends out lots of kisses!

Kaido sends out lots of kisses!

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