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Facebook Bans Itself


The holier than thou community guidelines

Facebook has a long list of community guidelines that all its users must follow. From time to time every person find them self in some kind of situation either breaking the community guidelines or on the border of breaking Community guidelines. Except for those who only share memes about cats.

Recently Facebook has been sending messages to people feeds regarding extremist content. People seeing this regarded not as Extreme as kind and as hate speech and just Facebook is now in a 7-Day been 4 breaking its own Community guidelines for hate speech.

Reflecting on the mistake

Mark Zuckerberg in an e-mail says "I can't believe we broke our own Community guidelines. I'm glad we're being banned for seven days as it is giving us time to reflect our morals on the decision to put hate speech on our own platform. We'll use this 7-Day ban to reassess our attitudes and life decisions and we will not be making the mistake again of saying anything hateful on our website." Mark Zuckerberg refused to answer any other questions regarding his 7-Day ban on Facebook. Nor did he mention maybe getting rid of the banning altogether.


NSA ethical hacking to the rescue?

The NSA quickly came to his defense saying "we will do everything we can to hack into Facebook and do everything we can to reverse the ban in less than 7 days. No American like Mark Zuckerberg deserves to be banned for seven days from Facebook for sharing his opinion. Only because his opinion agrees with us and our agenda. Our agents know for a fact that he's innocent. We watch him too. Just like every other American. Except he helps us. He's been such an integral part of helping us spy on Americans. So we are trying to help him out of this."

How about anyone else?

Both Mark Zuckerberg and the NSA refused to comment about the banning of conservative AKA "extremist" content on Facebook.

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