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Facebook Fact Checkers Should Never Be Questioned


We need everything to be fact checked. For our protection.

Fact Checking has become a very important and integral part of our everyday lives. Without fact-checkers how would we know if someone was lying to us! Before there was fact-checking people could just lie to each other and you'd have to use critical thinking to figure it out! I'm certainly glad we don't have to think critically anymore, aren't you?

Facebook has done the most incredible job of finding the fact-checkers that always get it right and hired them. So they can fact check everything that is posted on Facebook.


Are facebook and fact checkers buddies?

Remember Facebook says that they have independent fact checkers which gives the impression that they have no relation to Facebook. Anyone who thinks that these fact checkers are affiliated with Facebook and any other kind of way other than a professional one are simply conspiracy theorists. Facebook would never hire a friend just so that their friend had a good paying job. Also what kind of motives would Facebook have for using fact checkers in order to silence people they don't agree with? Nothing to see there!

Don't read the fact check data

Never bother to completely read what was fact checked in a post. It doesn't matter what they say is true or not true in the post. Whenever they fact check a post just assume that the entirety of the post is wrong. Because even though it might be the wrong color shoes that is being fact checked in the post, the important part of the message should be understood to be false even if it is true because the fact checker said "false".


Saves us from doing math!

One of the blessings of fact-checkers is that they'll do the math for you! Because everyone knows that's no one is good at math and then no one's going to take the time to do simple math to figure out if something is true or not.

Fact-checkers will just tell you if the math is wrong simply by putting a label over it saying that it's false if they don't agree with the math that that post presents. And remember if one of your friends actually takes the time to do the math and says that the fact checkers got it wrong then you know that your friend sucks at math. Never question a fact checker.

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One of the reasons why they do math for you is because math is inherently racist. No one want to be involved with racism! Fact-checkers saved the day again!


Fact checkers are more reliable than scientists and doctors!

Since most people are unable and unwilling to read textbooks and biology books, fact-checkers will be there to tell you the science that they think is true.

It doesn't matter if it's still up for debate or not because science is never up for debate ( just ask Galileo).

The science has been settled. Even when it comes to brand new viruses the world has never seen before, fact-checkers are more up-to-date with it than the scientists! Even though the scientists change their minds about it every week, the fact-checkers already know what's true and is not true. Maybe the scientists should just listen to the fact-checkers.

They are smarter than any scientist. We should of had fact checkers centuries ago! Imagine what civilization would look like today if fact checkers were around!

Detective Fact checker

Can't find any proof of something being true or false on the internet? Just post it on Facebook and let the fact checkers tell you if it's true. If you get a one week ban for sharing it then it's your fault for not knowing that it was false, despite no evidence supporting either side.

Fact checkers are almost godly with their wisdom.

Don't be angry, you're just not smart enough

So if you find yourself with a fact check label on one of your posts just remember that you were thinking critically, that you're probably a conspiracy theorist and that you're not smart enough to be able to do a search and find out the truth for yourself.

I never try to use an encyclopedia in order to prove your point. Encyclopedias are not an approved fact checking source. Only a Google search and a fact checker can tell you if you're right or wrong.

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