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Fablehaven Facts and Analysis

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Fairy in the Garden

This statue represents fairies such as found in Fablehaven.

This statue represents fairies such as found in Fablehaven.

What Is the Order of the Fablehaven Series

BookTitleYear Published

Book 1



Book 2

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star


Book 3

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague


Book 4

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary


Book 5

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison


What Is the Genre of Fablehaven

Fablehaven is in the same genre like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and many other great children's fantasy novels. This genre has become very hot ever since JK Rowlings first published Harry Potter. Unlike the others, this one stands apart due to its amazing creative landscape that remains secret to the ordinary world. Pack filled with adventure, strange creatures, and comedic happenings, this book is excellent for those of all ages.

Fablehaven, a fantastic series by Brandon Mull, captures your attention through its creativity and imaginative plot. I didn't have high hopes as I turned the first page, but by the time I got into the second or third chapter of the first book, I found myself thirsting for more. When the fifth book came out, I was so eager I ordered it ahead of time in anticipation of hearing Seth and Kendra Sorenson's crazy adventure with the Knights of the Living Dawn. This preteen book is complex and exciting enough for an adult not only to enjoy but feel anticipatory and intrigued. I strongly suggest it to those who have enjoyed the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series.

How Many Pages Does Each Book Have?

  • Fablehaven (359 pages) This is the story that starts it all. Kendra and Seth Sorenson have to stay with their grandparents, whom they have never really spent much time with at their parents' large preserve. They soon discover that there is more than meets the eye. Their home is surrounded by many magical creatures that their grandparents are responsible for taking care of.
  • Rise of the Evening Star (456 pages) A strange new student arrives at their school, and they soon find out that this creature is not from the ordinary world, but one of the creatures that belong in a magical preserve. They soon learn about the secret society of the Evening Star that seeks to overthrow preserves.
  • Grip of the Shadow Plague (487 pages) A plague spreads across Fablehaven that turns creatures of light into darkness. This book introduces you to a new preserve, new characters, and creatures as the suspense increases.
  • Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (535 pages) Kendra gets kidnapped, leaving the rest to assume she is dead. Eventually, they find they have to go to a dragon sanctuary to save the magical world.
  • Keys to the Demon Prison (593 pages) This is the final book in the series and the most suspenseful. They learn that they must rely on the Fairy Queen to lock up Zzyzx, and Seth and Kendra need to use their gifts to save the magical world.

The adventures continue in a new series that begins with Dragon Watch. This picks up only four months after the Demon Prison has been locked up and begins a whole new series that contain many of the original characters. He announced in 2013 that there will be a total of five more books with new adventures, new characters, and unique creatures.

Background of the First Book

The book begins when Seth and Kendra Sorenson are on their way to their grandparents on their father's side. They are going to be staying there for a while because their mother's parents have passed away. They are dropped off at their grandma and Grandpa Sorensons. They are unsure of what to expect since they had not spent much time with these grandparents. They explore the area, and although everything seems very typical, they feel like there is a mystery yet to uncover. It is not until the precocious Seth begins to test his boundaries that they find the reality that lies within Fablehaven.

Their discoveries are not a shock to the grandparents; in fact, they had hoped that Kendra and Seth would be able to find the secrets that lay within. The grandparents had hoped someday they would find hers that would be capable of taking care of this fantastical land. Seth finds these mysteries as he stretches his boundaries, while Kendra, the more mature and older sibling, discovers this land after finding a key that leads to a puzzle. Eventually, she discovers that more lies behind this beautiful setting where butterflies are actually fairies along with many other fantastical creatures.

List of Mythical Creatures in Fablehaven

  • Blixes - creatures that are similar to vampires, except after they have bitten their victim, they leave behind trace elements that allow them to gain control of them. There are three different kinds in the book, one being a narcoblix that controls people while they sleep. There is a lectoblix that drains the youth out of its victims. Finally, there is a viviblix that can control the dead.
  • Brownies - are tiny creatures that repair broken items. If one leaves out fixings for a cake, they will make delicious baked goods.
  • Centaur - very proud half horse and h humans who are arrogant and believe they are supreme beings.
  • Demons - there are numerous demons of varying abilities. All are evil.
  • Dragons - they go to a dragon sanctuary in one of the later books, where you meet many dragons, although do not look them in the eye, as you will become frozen with fear.
  • Dryads - wood nymphs who dress in autumnal clothes.
  • Dwarves - private short people who live underground.
  • Fairies - beautiful creatures who are quite vain. Without special milk that allows you to see them, they appear as bugs and butterflies.
  • Goblins - evil creatures that come out on the Midsummer's Eve.
  • Griffin - a flying creature that has the head, talons, and wings of an eagle.
  • Imps - fairies turn into these if they are trapped indoors overnight.
  • Jinn - much like a genie, except they only cause havoc.
  • Lich - undead creature.
  • Milch Cow - an enormous cow that gives special milk that allows humans to see magical creatures.
  • Minotaur - half-human, half-bull.
  • Naiads - water nymphs, they have no understanding of the mortality of humans, and find their death funny. If one gets too close, they will drown them out of sport and amusement. They are immortal.
  • Ogres - big clumsy creatures.
  • Satyrs - part human, part goat, do not take life very seriously. They are more concerned with television and palling around.
  • Shade - an undead being.
  • Stingbulb - take the form of a creature it takes and follows commands of the first person who finds it. They live for a very short time.
  • Witches - evil mortal people who got caught up in dark magic.
  • Zombies - dead people who can move like the living, but are still dead.

The Setting

Not only do Seth and Kendra learn that the butterflies are actually fairies, but everything they once saw as normal things has a hidden truth. Fablehaven is one of just a few remaining strongholds for magic in the world. Mull does a great job explaining the world where fairies roam, demons lurk, and unicorns are the rock stars of the world. Preserves, such as Fablehaven, are intended to protect the magical creatures that live there, although these areas are designed to be a safe haven for these magical creatures, but not always safe for humans.

As the series goes on, Mull introduces a few of the other preserves where magical creatures are becoming increasingly dangerous for them. He does an excellent job making each place unique, yet believable. Each preserve contains their own charm, own creatures, and own dangers.

Satyr Fighting with Woman

Satyr's are often thought of as being difficult, although they aren't necessarily warriors in Fablehaven, they are still difficult to deal with.

Satyr's are often thought of as being difficult, although they aren't necessarily warriors in Fablehaven, they are still difficult to deal with.

The Characters

Mull does a fantastic job building characters who are true to themselves. Although some have surprising backgrounds, they are believable, sometimes unpredictable, and lovable.

Kendra Sorenson - Kendra is the older sibling and acts as the more mature, responsible one. She is a bookworm who has a heart of gold. Her brother, in many ways, is her exact opposite. The one thing that unites them is their sincere love for one another, and their devotion to the good in this world.

Seth Sorenson - Mull uses Seth's curious nature as a means to move the story along. It's often Seth's disobedience to his grandfather that causes chaos, yet through his dedication to the cause of good magic, he, his sister, and the Knights of the Living Dawn learn how to save not only the magical realm but the world as well.

Stanley and Ruth Sorenson - Seth and Kendra's grandparents, who take care of Fablehaven, introduce Seth and Kendra to it in hopes that someday they will take over the preserve and care for the magical creatures eventually.

Doren and Newel - Two of my favorite characters are the satyrs that Seth befriends, Doren, and Newel. They love all things technology and junk food, although Grandfather Sorenson strongly discourages these pastimes. Satyrs, as a whole, including Doren and Newel, are an unruly bunch. Satyrs are known for their obnoxious fun-loving ways, which contrast with the centaurs who have a superiority complex and take life very serious.

I would love to give details of each character, but by doing so, I would reveal too much of the storyline. I can tell you that Seth and Kendra encounter many amazing friends, some that betray, some that are true to the end, and some that convert from good to bad or bad to good. Each character has a life story that you get little glimpses that make the world of Fablehaven seem like a place that truly exists.

Book Club Questions for Fablehaven

  • Kendra likes to follow the rules while Seth likes to break them. How did their attitudes change throughout the book?
  • When Kendra and Seth first see the private property signs at Fablehaven, Seth finds the signs funny; Kendra finds them creepy. The last sign reads: certain death awaits. Would you agree with Kendra or Seth? Are the signs effective? Do they foretell the future of the book?
  • Brandon Mull used many mythological creatures, especially those from Greek mythology. Can you identify any of these?
  • How does their experience at Fablehven change Seth and Kendra? Do you feel you changed in any way by reading Fablehaven?
  • What is the most memorable way someone risked or gave their life in Fablehaven? Would you risk your life for anything? If so, what?

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Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on March 12, 2012:

Did you know he has a new series that came out! The Beyonders. I've just started it!

Amaya 12years old on March 11, 2012:

I have read all of the fablehaven books and love them

!kendra and braken!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on May 16, 2011:

They truly are really awesome books. I love them too!

Lexi on May 16, 2011:

I love your books they are amazing. I spread fablehaven fever throughout my class.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on February 06, 2011:

Me too, I loved the book!

yert on February 06, 2011:

very good loved it

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on November 10, 2010:

HOpe you enjoy it as much as I did. I think the series got better as it went on. :)

Susan Mills from Indiana on November 10, 2010:

Excellent! I just put the first of the series on hold. I can't wait. Thanks again!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on November 10, 2010:

It's definitely a very clean story, and you don't have to worry about poor content, questionable subjects, and bad language.

Susan Mills from Indiana on November 09, 2010:

Very useful. I'm always looking for new books for my daughter. I'll be sure to check this series out!


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