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Expository Essay: Online Learning Platform


Online learning platform

The new method for teaching in the midst of the pandemic right now is through an online platform. Online classes are a popular type of flexible learning that are now being used. The future of education is mobile learning, whether a student chooses to take online classes or learn in a modular fashion. The use of online platforms is significant and comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Although it is difficult, pupils nevertheless manage to finish and move on to the next level.

Everyone had to make the best adjustments they could to online learning, regardless of their starting point. Every student needs access to an online class or platform in order to complete their education and avoid wasting time during pandemics. Additionally, it gives you the chance to learn a lot about a particular subject and enables you to study through videos, images, and music. With the aid of the internet, one can even take live exams and tests. Students who take online classes have simple access to ask their family and friends for help or questions when they need it.

First of all, The use of an online platform has benefits for students. Everything is provided to a student, making it convenient. You may access notes, review assignments, take practice tests, talk with other students, discuss questions, and study whenever you like. You set your own pace for completing the course requirements, except from specific deadlines. Additionally, online schooling expands access to education. You don’t have to get up early to go to school. You can travel with your technology while attending lessons or while on vacation.

In addition, The use of an online platform has disadvantages for students. Students have a tendency to put things off, therefore everything in online classes needs to be completed by the deadline for each assignment, quiz, and test. When taking online classes, you must pay attention. It necessitates personal time management skills development. In addition to adding to your stress levels, studying alone for an extended amount of time with nothing but your computer or other gadgets as company can be intimidating. Online instructor, fellow classmates and friends are sensitive to this problem and some of them overcome those feelings.
In conclusion, online classes/platform has an important role in students and offers an advantages and disadvantages. Students that are courageous and motivated enough to begin and conclude the school year will not care about online classes or platforms. Online learning requires taking a chance, so do it. To successfully complete the module in one week, you must be determined. What matters is how a student thinks, not just what kind of learning method they are using.

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