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Exploring the Theme of Forbidden Love in the Novel ‘a Dark Love Story’ by Shairoz K. Anwarali

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a dark love story image

a dark love story image

No love is simple. Like many other love stories, every couple has to go through time testing before they reach their final destiny. True love stories are never straight or that matter simple. If they are simple and easily accepted, well then it’s not love, probably an equation of setting parameters or fitting into each other’s vacant space. In every romance there is love and lust. But what about a romance story that appeals for love that is forbidden. The novel, A Dark Love Story –written by a Kenyan author Shairoz Anwarali – seeks the theme of forbidden love. It was imminent as it’s between a human and a vampire. The novel is a supercharged romantic suspense thriller.

Forbidden love is a queer notion. But there has to be some reasons as why a love seems forbidden or not accepted by the society. Lets dive deep to explore the theme of forbidden love in the novel ‘A Dark Love Story’.

The story is narrated mainly through a young girl’s point of view and social psychology insists that girls/women are reluctant to witness change. So is the case with Ella. She is happy in her new college, in a new city. She has odd roommates but when she meets and befriends Lauren, she feels complete in her new life. Everything is going fine and good until Parker begins stalking her. Ever since the beginning, the author kept Parker a little absurd, aloof, and surrounded with an aura of mystery and enigma.

In a subtle tone one can say that the author deliberately developed Parker so complicated as to introduce the theme of forbidden love in the novel. Parker wasn’t that as he looked. He was someone different. Ella knows that Parker is a bit enigmatic but she falls for his charms and wits. Parker is a vampire. He transports into different worlds. He often appears all of sudden around Ella, in her sleeping room, caressing her, talking to her in drowsiness, and saving her from the darkness of the forest and much more.

Ella likes Parker. But at the same time, she grows dubious about his secretive activities. Ella begins feeling that something is suspicious. She doubts herself and thinks about the veracity of her love feelings for this guy. Soon, she sets herself on an investigation. She wants to find out whether the guy with whom she is planning to spend her rest of life is worth or not. In a sense, she wants to check is her love going in a right direction. When she finds out that Parker is a vampire, she is shell shocked. This revelation confirms that she is into a forbidden love affair. The world and her family will have a heavy difficulty accepting them as proper couples.

To make things look good and ordinary and to remove that ‘forbidden love’ factor, Ella is sent to far off place, so that she can have a new perspective about Parker and possibly she forgets him. But destiny has had something else stored for them.

Not immediately but midway the author plants a question in the minds of readers – could there be a love story possible between a human and a vampire? Anyone in a right sense of mind would say that it is a forbidden love story unless the girl turns into vampire.

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