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"Expiation - The Whisper of Death" by Elisa S Amore - a Personal Review

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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

In this final addition to the Touched Sage, you will find yourself crying, getting upset and even moved by the scenes hidden in this suspense romance.

In this final addition to the Touched Sage, you will find yourself crying, getting upset and even moved by the scenes hidden in this suspense romance.

A Quick Summary

Book Title : Expiation - The Whisper of Death

Author: Elisa S. Amore

Publication Date : April 18, 2017

Page Length : 428 pages

Book in Series : Last book in the Touched Saga

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The trials and challenges that keep Gemma and Evan on edge and constantly fighting for each other had finally gotten out of hand. With Gemma promising her soul to Sohpia, the Empress of Hell and Queen of Darkness and Evil, Gemma is forced to continue her fight against her enemies and find a way to keep her Evan and child in her life. Upon her son's death she is killed and her soul and body given to Sophia, creating a huge loss for Evan, who will forever chase his love. However, the transformation did erase all her memories and no one knows how to bring back the knowledge and love she had for Evan and her baby back. Without having Gemma by his side, Evan's determination is stronger than ever to defy fate. However, he is not sure how he can and protect his child at the same time. Will Gemma remember him and her life before becoming a Witch, or will she be lost to all those she once cherished and love?

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Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

I loved this series and this book more than I thought I would in the beginning. I thought I had cried a lot in the previous books, but this is the book that I cried a ton in. Between the birth of their son, their promise and all the attacks and unbelievable allies during the pregnancy, there was constantly something going on to keep you interested in and in the thought of what might happen. I hadn't known what to expect when Gemma became a Witch but I can tell you, what happened was not on my list of what I thought would happen. I really liked how Amore even included herself at the end. I have to say this book definitely wrapped up the story in such a beautiful way that it is hard to believe it is finally finished.

I would first like to say seeing the Witch's align with their enemies to help protect Gemma was amazing. It left a lot of suspense in the air. I had waited for them to battle constantly but the fact they worked together to protect Gemma was truly amazing and in some moments quite amusing. As we saw in Brokenhearted, Devina had some strong feelings toward Evan and she kept making it clear as she helped protect Gemma. She did everything to cause Gemma and Evan to gain doubt in their relationship and everything else. The Witches even went to school and caused some trouble while protect Gemma. I have to say those antics around Gemma's mortal friends were my favorite. It was fun and quite amusing. The Witches over all were amusing to see do things outside of their home world, Hell.

But it wasn't just the unlikely alliance but the touching moments with everyone involved. To see the baby be born and to witness how happy they were to receive the child was truly touching. I was very upset that she had to become a witch and in the worst way possible. She was killed before Evan could put his plan into action and to see him suffer and become willing to allow Sophia's poison causing everything she knew and love to be lost to her forever. I hated seeing that. I was heart broken for Evan and their baby. Gemma took her place in Hell and proceeded to be a fairly ruthless Witch. She enjoyed the tempting and harvesting of Souls. I found myself holding my breath, hoping it wasn't true and that it was just an act. To find out that her past was erased from her kept me holding on to hope that Evan would free her.

I quite enjoyed learning more about how the Witches worked and learning about Sophia. Though previous books gave us some insight to how Sophia is and about her past, it isn't until this final extension that you learn how truly dark Sophia is and how completely selfish she is. I mean, you can expect that from the devil and with her being the devil, I don't know why I would have imagined her being sweet or even someone I could love. I was not disappointed in how truly evil she was. Though, some of her actions still surprised me. Especially where Gemma and Evan were concerned. However, her getting what she wants didn't surprise me much. But how she went along with obtaining what she wanted was truly mystifying. I loved how Amore detailed and described her and how Gemma and Evan felt towards her. It kept the story moving forwarded and full of suspense.

However, it was the ending seeing Gemma, Evan and their son reunited, even though is was in Heaven. I found myself crying for the last forty pages or so. I was just truly amazed with the story and even though it left you in awestruck and happy, you can't help but wish things had been different. To have the three of them find another way to be together. I have to say overall this was just a truly amazing experience. I would rate this book five stars out of five stars. I would rate the series the same way. I was able to experience all kinds of emotions. I found this book to be exhilarating and truly touching. I did think this book was the most depressing of them all, but watching Evan struggle through so much could have that affect on anyone.

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