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Short Story Examples for Happiness and Life Experiences



I Have Learned to Smile

I have learned to smile in times of agony, I have learned to smile in times of defeat and i have learned to smile in times of confusion. Am I already crazy? No! I am not-- for i just learned to look at the brighter side of it. Maybe the sky is cloudy now but sooner or later the sun will shine and all the shadows will fall behind. I have learned life in the hard way but I was molded and harness to be tough, to be dauntless and most of all to be happy even the world is starting to fall against my will.

I have learned to smile even I commit mistakes, i have learned to smile in times of failures and I have learned to smile even there is rejection. Life is only one to frown every morning, engage and radiant positive energy and all day long everything will be fine and blissful. I have realized that when you smile everything seems to be light. I have let my smile change the world not the world itself. And I know with a single and simple smile life could be much better.

I have learned to trust again even I was betrayed, I have learned to stand again on my own and I have learned again to tougher like a soldier. I am not afraid of the night for darkness doesn't exist it is only the absence of light. I started to be warm again to other people, but i was not being cold for cold doesn't exist it is only the absence of heat. It was a drastic realization for me that life will be always happy if we will see good things behind worst situations.

I smile not because I have no more problems, but because I have changed my mindset and definition of life in a way that it will be more optimistic and practical. I smile and smile for it makes me younger and pleasant. I smile not because I want to hide the pain inside but because I had accepted that life is miserable if I will always look at the negative side. It's like a curve mirror when you focus on the center the image is clear but when you look at the edges of the spherical mirror there is aberration.

I Just Want to be Happy

I just want to be happy. . .

Happy in a way that I have less misery and less bad thoughts that drives within my soul, happy in a way that there is more time for me to celebrate blessings than misfortunes, a blissful life with caring, loving, and righteous friends which there's no aid for me to worry. A life which I could be proud of someday, a journey which I could say worth it and a survival which I could say "the best" All I wanted is to have a smiling countenance, a smile that can change the world not the world who dictates when to smile. A happy, bounty and calm life is all I've wanted.

Lots of negativity around us that abrupt the symbiosis of our existence, some were tragic events, some were vulgar words from an enemy, some were just unexpected faults. These are the little energy that causes drastic shift of our emotions. Life is unfair, lot's of users, lot's of gamblers, lot's of sinners but whatever your doing now, you are playing an important role in our society, how you wanted your life to become-- some people search for their dreams, some are broken winged-bird and stayed dormant, some are optimistic with their lives while others are pessimistic.

Me, all I wanted is to change my broken past and commenced a new life with my new town and friends. Live accordingly in the guidance of God, and reach for my dreams. Every day is a challenge for me, how to become tougher like a warrior of the night that is not afraid from the lurking monsters in the snowy grimy world. I just want to be brave enough, disciplined, intelligent, optimistic, and most especially I want to be "Happy"

Wrong things will always be wrong, forbidden stuff will always be forbidden, all I wanted is to wake up with the reality that I was taking the wrong side of life for me to make it right and make things profound. I always muttered and control my yearning heart, for sometimes it beats evilly. I slap my face and make myself wake up from the things are not essential for my future plans. Life is full of hurdles and I am sure I will keep on standing till the end, resistance are part of life to make us stronger. And temptations here on this planet is inevitable but we can make something to combat and forfeit that sinful forces.

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Outing with friends

Outing with friends

An Inspiration and A Dream

Everybody needs inspiration but each inspiration has its own limitations, how long and how much time will you give. Today I saw you again in the lobby but I am coward enough to look at you. Last night I oath to myself that I will be stopping, I will be ignoring you. It’s hard but I need to do this for I know it will never be good. Time will fly and soon you will just elude in my memories. It was never been easy to me, I don't know how to do, I don’t know why is that you have been stock here-- mind. I feel the pain of expecting from you, don't you know?

Minutes before I saw you, I was on a meeting and the other officer told me that they might impeach me for being not so active in council. I don't feel scared for I know I am just doing what I wanted and what should be done. If they will just know and realized my situation they will not make some partial provocation. I give them my time and participation but if they cannot appreciate it, and then fine, impeach me but I won't fall I will fight and depend back. I am brave enough for I’ve been molded harshly before.

Pondering those thoughts I know I am a change man. A stronger and better man; I will stick to those people who needed me too. I won’t be chasing for something that would never be mine. I was broken -- unexplainable torment and travail; all of those quests have been surpassed by my faith and bravery to conquer but I can’t deny the fact that I am still hoping that one day God will give me the chance to talk to her face to face even as friends.

I know I can’t hide from you since we have the same university, I will always see you unexpectedly whenever I passes in the lobby but one thing for sure I will get used to it and will manage not to look closely at you. I don’t want to feel the same provocative feelings all over again whenever I look into your beautiful eyes.


sheilamyers on December 27, 2013:

Keep reaching for those dreams. I know you'll succeed in reaching them.

Kenneth C Agudo (author) from Tiwi, Philippines on December 27, 2013:

Thank you sheila for the read. I am on the stage of appreciating what really I am and learning to love myself. I have realized too that happiness is what everyone needs. And I know my dreams are my happiness.

sheilamyers on December 26, 2013:

All of these touch me in some way. I've often felt like I can't be happy because of the negative things people say. But one thing you said is, to me, a great way to be happy even when everyone else is trying to bring me down. If I live according to the guidance of God and never give up reaching for my dreams no matter what people around me say, I do believe I can still be happy.

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