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Examples of Leadership Short Stories



Hall of Fame

Many times in our lives, we live as though we exist for nothingness; without caring whether we are making blueprints and traces in the railway we used to take our voyage. Going through the motions of our everyday lives is not just existence: it’s about survival with a purpose and making marks or even a point in the society we live in. Sometimes we are trashed by other people, even our works seems to be ignored. We feel that we are useless and imbeciles with our gargantuan mistakes and apathies. We get used to it and get judged without doing anything to counterfeit those barricades, misfortunes and misconceptions. We are being turtles of our own selves; whenever get feared by predator it hides on its shell and get petrified. We are humans. The most intelligent creation above all. We are born-equipped, all we need to do is unveil and tap those boundless potentials from their dormancy. And we are the only one who can unfold and hone those potentials deep within us. As what British Prime Minister Winston Churchill preaches “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

From the moment I was elected as an officer of PISC, I carved my name in the spotlight of leadership. I know it’s about the light that shines for other. It’s not prominence but rather it’s about service and responsibility toward the academe and studentry. It was a dream and that was the dream that I reached and used to also help others reached their “hall of fame”.

We are special and awesome just the way we are. We can move mountains and make a difference through our simple work and initiatives that is essential for nation building. These things are easier said than done, just like carrying weights that are more than you could and that is the time leadership paves its way what this cliché reminds us: “In unity there is strength”, and it never fades its significance through the use of good governance. We will have the sustainability and opportunity to quick lift one another from the quicksand of falsehood and self slavery.

Being one of the leaders who is being looked up as one of the catalysts and role models of our institution is truly a huge responsibility for me and to other leaders to work upon. Reminiscing my whole leadership career, I have gained my self-esteem and self-identity of who I am and what will I be in the near future. With that leadership experiences, I shape my own limitations into boundaries; forged new path for others to follow, and with enlightenments that I discovered in my experiences that I was not born as a leader but I was molded and honed to be one of them.



Life is Like a Candle

"Sooner or later your light will dim and others will glow brighter than you" -Kenneth Agudo

This is my thought of the day as I hear the loud proud voice of my classmate who is very good in mathematics. It irritates me somewhat every time he is bragging in the class, whenever his voice was the too loud reciting, laughing while our face is in vain looking at those tormenting mathematical equations. It looks like I am bitter to him but in a way that he is somewhat boastful that makes me frown at him. I feel pity to myself for not having the capabilities to solve and analyze mathematical equations. I am mediocre in math and my weakest subject is also math then my course is engineering and it sucks -- for my dream was to become a Doctor/Nurse someday and my favorite subject is Science and English.

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Anyway, I remember myself during my high school days when I was on the top of the class, like him, reciting and having fun in class discussions. My light was brighter than others and I was in the spotlight of popularity for I am the President of our Alma Mater, but turn the lights on and release those past illusions and open my eyes for I am now in college -- ordinary, plain and not on the peak anymore. My glow becomes dimmer and others light become brighter. I know it's the end of my fame and intensity and I have to accept that there are others who are brighter than me. Acceptance had slapped my face to be awakened from my nostalgic fantasy to look and accept what i am now.

Like candle, life melts and light becomes dimmer when its wax started to melt down like ice that evaporates and condensed in a glass of water. Pose and capture momentous shots in the present for when it passes by the climax that might have been happened will never be the same in the tomorrow. Time flies use the best out of it for life is only one and moments can never be replay and rewind. Show your glow to the world while you have the opportunity to show it for an opportunity that had passed by will never be the same in the next opportunity that will galore in your life. All of these things had just bumped my head when I am already on my situation right now. I have indulged myself too much with fame so when it slowly vanishes away from me it feels hell and it’s hard to live without it.

I don’t know when and how to glow brighter than others from this moment but I try to absorb and keep in my mind that being contented of what I have will make me feel better. Humble myself and be myself for we have different glow and light intensity.

© 2013 Kenneth C Agudo


Kenneth C Agudo (author) from Tiwi, Philippines on December 27, 2013:

You are very right there Sheila that sometimes recognition is just an additives and must not be used to brag. Some people used to do that but some were inspirational that must be acknowledge by there superb actions. Sometimes being the smartest in class makes you feel superiority but we should always kept in mind humility.

About the surgeon, I dreamed to be a doctor but my mother can't afford it. That's why I entered engineering world as what my father likes.

sheilamyers on December 26, 2013:

There's one thing I've learned in life about the recognition we gain by being the smartest in class or the best at a job - it never lasts. I hate when people brag, but I can also congratulate them on their successes. Yet I've also noticed that it's usually not the most popular, the smartest, or even the most talented people who make the biggest difference in our lives. And without these lesser known people, the successes of the other people wouldn't have been successes. Could a seriously injured person near death be saved without the person who calls for an ambulance, the paramedics who kept them alive long enough to get to a hospital, the ER nurses and doctors, the surgeon who repairs the damage, and so on? Buy who usually gets the credit? In my experience, it's the surgeon. But I also think everyone else should also be called heroes. So we never should never feel we're any less spectacular if we don't receive recognition for what we know or do. What I'm guess I'm trying to say is that no matter where we work or what we know, we can be leaders and followers at the same time. We follow the guidance and/or example of those above us and, in turn, can offer guidance and/or a great example for those below us.

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