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Sad Short Stories About Friendship



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The Runaway; Comes & Goes

“Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will come after you”

I was in a dusky shell full of vain and pain don’t know where to go keeping myself isolated and incarcerated at a place where I don’t really want to travel and stay. Projecting a smile but deep behind was a melancholy visage who seeks refuge towards life's miseries. Seeing people comes and goes really spears my crimson heart and tainted it to a lavender look like portrait.

Life is a barrel of incredulity and certainty that makes it lofty to unfold. Embarking life after my high school graduation makes my whole world move up and down. It takes a gargantuan courage and strength for me to remain standing from the travail of leaving outside my comfort zones. Feeling of being grown as a man, I commenced to travel and plunge into a self defining adventure. To seek for an entity what my life really means. I thirst for something which I have not taken and grasp leading to more necessities and admiration's that is naturally pumping out as a natural course.

Adolescence for me was a stage of confusion and role identification which you should choose in order to entrain a glorious future.

Like what the stages of development of Erik Erikson foretell us that adolescence is about social relationships of teens that needs to develop a sense of self and personal identity. If directed properly to well build counseling it may lead to ability to stay true to his self while failing to comply may lead to role confusion and a weak sense of self that may continue till adulthood. It’s the time of fidelity were teenagers care most about how they look to others and for me, it’s the most crucial stage of self definition.

Having the intellect as a young man paves me to look for more freedom. I started to disobey my parents just to follow what I really want to do in my life. I had been stubborn about them insisting that my decision will be always right for I wanted for it. Mingling with friends without getting permission and coming home late in the evening makes them really mad at me. I had been wild I guess but all I really think is to have fun and do what I wanted to do; allowing the darker side of me for a role as a selfish and prodigal son of my dearest parent without considering their aspiration for me. Carelessly, I put burdens and weights on them. They manage to moderate me but I ought to respond because of my obstinate mindset.



Sneaking those days and following all I wanted to put me to a hinge of regrets. A turning point of life which alters my conceptions of what life really means. A negligence that puts me to a place of realization that parents know best for their children that regret comes at the end of every chapter. My fraudulent thoughts of what I called friends were all just a mistake, making them prevails more on my decisions than my parents was a vast error I made. I have called them friends but the truth I was too wrong in giving them such kind of recognition because

"true friends never make you bad but it makes you a better person."

I bumped my head and all of a sudden I was enlightened of what life really means. I learned my lessons from my failures and grown through my experiences. I was molded and become a better person which will abides more on a healthier life perspective. I know I will sprout more on a fertilized well cultivated soil than a grassy one which is rocky and grass-rooted location. That is a reality of life that our ambience and the people around us affects how we grow and see life on its own.



I may be broken into pieces by playing the game of life but I never get soaked and cloy from its wrath, I had run away and retreated to recollect some pieces of my life which I had lost on the way. To find myself and the purpose of it is one of the hardest things that I had encountered in life.

I was crumpled like a paper but remember what Japanese paper represents in making kites. It should be crumpled first so that it will not be ripped easily.

And that’s life a puzzle which you should figure out in order to form an image which you most likely want to happen in your life. “Running away from your problem is a race which you’ll never win”. An awakening thought that lingers my spirit to run towards my fear because I know out of that greatest fear comes my greatest life.

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Watching Over the Stars

That night I was on the dark side of the dome watching others as they show, ramp and flare their lights.

As their light becomes brighter, I soak drastically and dimmed. I hid again inside my shell and chose to stay there, for I know my time had ended and obsolete.

I don’t want to cry, I just want to be silent, silent in a way that others will not recognize and spot me. I’ve rather covered my face so that they will not identify me, I’ve rather been isolated. Want to know why? It’s just because it’s unbearable, I just hate myself for being like this. It’s like I am walking dead—worthless and in the moment of aberration.

It was our university acquaintance and everybody is excited, everybody is in ecstasy and everyone is in motion except me. The highlight of the event is the fashion shows of the wild were departments will fight for dominance to be crowned as the fiercest of the wild. Every college will select models to ramp there designs and attires that will represent their creativity and fashion. In between with fortune and bad luck, I was enlisted as one of our department representative to be one of their models, to secure and soar for our glory but I insisted, I had never attended any single preparation and practice. I neglected the opportunity with so many alibis and chose to quit, it’s over for me, it’s not for me and it will never suits for me.

Someone's Watching Over Me

Some people started to feel bad as me, some gets mad at me and another had returned to back-bite me. It was a mockery; it was a choice? A suicide attempt for a dimmer life for me, my image started to be destroyed as I crossed this crooked pathway. I was suppressed by my jealousies, frustrations and unreachable aspirations. Everything is different from now, before I was in the spotlight—now I’m on the brink of sunshine toward twilight. I was superseded by something newer, and most of the time old one’s are trash since they are already outdated.

It was my negligence, the way I look things on; the night ended accordingly for our department had won in the domination. I don’t feel bad about it but I feel bad about myself, for being a gargantuan coward. I remember what my good friend told me

“Well, you know, everyone is dreaming of what he doesn't have, and believe me, dear brother, this is not the good direction. Be happy with what you have, some have more, some have less but what you have is your asset. And I personally feel that what you have is valuable.”

I still ponder what Thomas Foxwell Buxton had said “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” Someday, I will learn again to love and value myself just the way I am.

(c) Kenneth Agudo

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Kenneth C Agudo (author) from Tiwi, Philippines on December 29, 2013:

Thank you man @Turtledog.

Kenneth C Agudo (author) from Tiwi, Philippines on December 29, 2013:

@sheilamyers that is true for I myself experience that sheila but at the end I realized that I was wrong and thank God it was not too late (though I thought it was). I become a better person.

Thank you for always reading sheila I don't know how can I give back the favor you have always given me. God bless always :D

TurtleDog on December 29, 2013:

Great point on development gives more freedom !

sheilamyers on December 29, 2013:

I think most kids rebel against their parents at some point. Haven't we all said to ourselves and to them that they don't know everything? Even though we don't know it at the time, maybe the reason we rebel is so we can learn that most of the time our parents do know what they're talking about. The important thing to remember is to learn from our mistakes and become a better person.

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