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Example second warning letter for poor performance on the job - sample

Second Written Warning for Poor Job Performance

Below is a sample warning letter sent as a follow up to an initial letter relating to poor job performance. The recipient may be asked to sign as proof that they have received the letter. This is usually done to prevent people from claiming that they never received the letter. This letter is just an example of the many types that supervisors, bosses and managers write to employees who are performing at an unacceptable level.

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TO: Fiona Richardson

FROM: Lena Chapman, Supervising Manager

DATE: October 2, 2009

SUBJECT: Second Written Warning for Poor Job Performance

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Despite the written warning that I sent you last month, you have not made sufficient improvement in any of the areas that were identified as needing immediate improvement and attention. Your performance at work has continued at an unacceptable and unsatisfactory level. For example, within the past 21 days the following issues and problems have been observed:

1. A customer request form which was given to you as high priority was not done for over two 10 days. When it was finally completed, the form contained many errors, some of which were as a result of carelessness and therefore unacceptable given your job level in the company and your experience.

2. When we looked at your "to do list" file, we found many items which I had given to you to process that were more than 7 days old and still not yet processed.

3. You double-booked staff for consultations with customers causing unnecessary cancellations and missed meetings. The customer support department has had to deal with a lot of complaints as a result.

4. You have been found to be spending too much time making personal phone calls using the company's resources.

This letter serves to warn you that unless your work performance improves to an acceptable level, further corrective action will be taken. Your work performance will now be inspected and reviewed on a weekly basis and you will be expected to take action immediately on any issues identified. If you have any questions regarding this memorandum, you should contact me.

cc: Personnel Department

Employee's Signature to Acknowledge Receipt

Example second warning letter for poor performance on the job - sample

Example second warning letter for poor performance on the job - sample

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