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Hoping to See You Once Again, Nurse of TMC

Stephanie Reign is a creative writer that is in the process of publishing her own novel. A Fairy Tail is a work of fiction.

The First Time

I remember how he looked that moment that I first saw him. I remember everything so vividly. He should be flattered, I've been known to only retain a certain memory-- even the most important ones-- for only half an hour and so.

It was November 9, 2021, at around 8:40 am, when I first got my vaccine. I was so chaotic with all the anxiety and nervousness of being around so many people that I couldn't help but bob my feet on the floor and keep my eyes traveling around like it's trying to find something non-existent.

I never saw him, never at all. He was on the last step of the vaccination process, and he was taking the post-vaccine vitals, or whatever you call it. The oxygen and heart rate, and things like that. So, when I was getting checked, I had my back against him. My arm was on the table, and then I had my eyes dropped on the floor.

When I finished, I finally turned around as I thanked the other nurse that attended to me... and I saw him.

His hair messed up, covering his face. They were a tad bit wavy, and about probably ending below just his ears. His eyes were gorgeous and were probably upturned shape or monolid. They were a shade of chocolate brown, probably more shades darker. Couldn't really stare and look at his eyes for too long because I suck with eye contact. He was looking at me and unless we were close, I won't be able to look at him back. He also wore a mask because... pandemic.

He looked at me that day, his eyes meeting mine as I turned around and saw him. I looked a bit different today than I was on that day. My hair was longer, shoulder-length probably. I had the ugliest color of yellow hair, bleached it at home, what could I say?

So, anyway, as I walk out of that venue, he was meeting my eyes. That was the first time that we had met. I never thought that I'd want to see him again, but somewhere in me, there was this lingering of hope that I wanted to see him once again.

The Second Time and Probably the Last

After days and days of going on with my life, then came December 1, 2021, my vaccination date for the second dose. It was probably about 9:50 am, when I saw him again. I didn't expect to, but there was a subtle joy that filled me.

We were lining up for our time to get vaccinated, and there he was at step one of the process. He was checking vitals and all. It was all the same.

He watched me as I walked to the chairs where we were supposed to wait for our turn. His eyes followed me, and this time, I tried to meet them as well.

He looked the same, which isn't that weird since it's only been a month. He still had his same hair, probably a bit longer, and he had a purple-ish, blue scrubs, and a black mask. I looked a bit different, if not, more different than the first time I saw him. My hair was cut short, my barber and stylist really messed me up when I asked for an undercut. I colored my hair with purple though it only made my bleached hair look a bit darker, a brown shade. I wore a royal blue shirt and basic pair of jeans, two rings on my finger, and slung over my shoulder a black and white bag.

He sat by the windows of the hospital, but once I got over, he stood and walked to the table where he started helping with the checking of vitals.

All this time, he was looking at me. I wanted him to stop, for the sole reason that I couldn't possibly look at him if he was looking back at me. My anxiety wouldn't allow it after all. And I wanted to see more of him, to stare into those beautiful eyes of his.

I was looking at him when I can. Whenever he was checking on other people's vitals, mostly, because he does look towards me a lot. He looked gorgeous and someone I would genuinely like to know more. I wonder if he would feel the same.

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When I got up front, next in line, probably... I noticed the eye contact became more and more-- frequent. When I stood on the middle chair in the front row, he finally looked at me with such curiosity in his eyes. He paid me about a couple of seconds glance and then proceeded to check up on the person before him.

The line was really slow and when I sat beside him, we were in front of each other. He touched my hand and placed the oxygen measuring thingy on my finger, and he talked in a low, quiet voice. He told me to place my finger in the thing, and I awkwardly did so, and I was kind of trembling from the nervousness from being beside him. He held my hand, then helped me do whatever he asked me to do.

God, I was pathetically awkward! When I waited for my turn to the verification stage, I sat beside him. I kept my head down, and then let my thought wander. I felt his gaze upon me. He tried to open up a topic, asking if it was my second dose already... I thought it was cute, knowing that he held my paper in his hand and the card. It was also cute how everyone in the line was getting their second dose, including me, and he still asked. I awkwardly nodded, breathing out a chuckle and meeting his eyes, saying, "Yeah, it is."

And then I shifted seat to get my verification, and still, he watched me as I finished up. We sat there for a couple of minutes before finally, I needed to go. I paid him one last glance, the tension between us rising, and then I walked away from him. I lined up for the next step of the process, and while he watched me walk, I wondered if he felt the same way that I did.

I dreaded finishing this because it might probably be the last time that I would see him again.

Call me, you TMC nurse who messed up with my mind

I did notice something about you. As I sat before you, lined up, I realized that your eyes were on my documents.

Do you know who I am, how should I call you?

You know my name, right? Because you read it in my paper, and you probably know my whole name. Would you ever, if it was ethical, call me?

Because you're driving me insane and I have been going on and on about how I should've asked for your name. Trust me, my friends are tired from hearing that. I should've asked for your name, I'm so stupid!

You know mine, and hopefully, if you do see this, try to contact me. I'm writing it down here because it's really driving me insane that I don't know you and that I probably won't see you again.

Would fate be that cruel? Yes.

Do I want to see you again? Yes. You're probably from around Laguna, right? I just wonder where you are and have you ever met me before? Because you seemed to look at me like you've seen me somewhere.

I want to see you again. I want to get to know you better. Hopefully, this will find its way to you.

And yeah, I'm a writer, which is why I figured... I would write about you and hope that with a chance-- probably lower than the chance of anyone being struck by lighting-- you'd come across this and we'd be able to talk with each other again. I swear I'll stop being awkward, I promise.

© 2021 Stephanie R

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