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Everyone Called Her the Rose Princess.

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A long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess in a magnificent palace. The princess had long, beautiful red hair. She loved roses. So everyone called her the rose princess.
Every day in the evening, the princess would go to the balcony and clap her hands. At the sound of clapping, a golden singing bird would fly and sit on her shoulders.
When the bird would start singing in a sweet voice, the princess would also sing along with it. The subjects would sleep soundly until dawn to the sound of her beautiful voice.

This process continued like this. One day a witch came to know about the beautiful hair of the princess. Without knowing what she was thinking, she decided to make the hair of the princess black.

The witch recited a spell using her magic wand and the princess's hair turned from red to black.

The next day when the princess went to the balcony like Rose and started singing beautifully with the bird, but this time people were awake. When the princess found out, she was very worried. She asked the bird what she should do.
Following the recipe given by the bird, he put the rose petals in the water and after a while washed his hair with this water, his hair became red and beautiful as before and like the day when he was with the princess bird. If the song was sung, the subject would fall into a sweet sleep.
When the witch came to know about this, she got very angry and recited the same mantra again, but this time the witch had broken the rose flowers from all sides so that the princess could not turn her hair red like before. The hair turned black again and the subject's sleep was disturbed again that night.

The princess stood on the balcony and started crying that now her hair can never be like before and so a drop of her tear fell on the floor. A young man who was passing by saw this beautiful princess crying on the balcony. It stopped.
He had a box from which he took out a red hair and placed it on the drop of tears that fell from the eyes of the princess. As he looked, the red hair turned into a rose flower. She was very surprised to see this and she quickly washed her hair with this rose flower in water and thus the magical effect of this witch ended.
The hair of princess turned red like before and rose flowers bloomed everywhere. When the king asked the young man where he got this hair from, he told that he had been very friendly with the princess as a child. In order to maintain their friendship, they broke each other's hair and kept it to themselves. Then I went on a journey, and after many years now I came back. The king was happy to hear this and married both of them.

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