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Every Generation Blames the One Before

Whether a short, yet significant, moment in time or a lifetime of moments, which seem to go by in a flash, they're the threads of our lives.


The Living Years


Every generation blames the one before

You have probably heard that saying once or twice, most likely, even more

A child of the 50's didn't know that they were in, what has come to mean to many of us, a nostalgic moment in time

It was their "here and now"; it was a time which wasn't riddled with constant rhetoric or crime

The Vietnam war and the 60's, was such a massive, transitional turn about, as time moved both along

To every single struggle, every battle abroad, there were battles and struggles back home, not all were on the same page, but they would be bridged by music; with many a simple song

Drugs, fights for minority Rights, anti-war protests, etc. took center stage

There was so much going on, so much to either avoid or work oneself into a frenzy of rage

Perhaps those in the 60's believed the generation(s) before were lost in their sock hops and root beer floats, the generation of slack

But, the 50's weren't all fun and games, there was a cold war, with the looming and constant, threats of attack

Students would have drills where they'd duck and cover, they would hide under their desk and wait

I don't see any of that as insignificant, when an entire Nation couldn't feel settled about what would be their ultimate fate

Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover

What Happened?

Children of the 70's learned that a life created can just as easily be eliminated; as we continued on to school and to work, it was still customary to pay one's own way

Opportunity wasn't handed out, it had to be earned, parents didn't have it so easy, often working two or three jobs, focused on the day to day

As this generation grew up and raised families of their own, discipline became a thing of the past, kids were given free rein, along with free things - things which were not earned

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A trophy for showing up, wasn't condoned by all, many stayed silent, figuring that there were still things they didn't know, things which had to be learned

The first mass shooting didn't come to right before the turn of the century; in a school building, 1999 was the year

We've all pondered what happened - from where did this anger come, would a threat within our country, become our greatest fear?

Sadly, that was only the beginning, for mass shootings have now become a crisis, a study into its self, of the how and the why -

What is the reasoning for all of this, which generation can we blame, wondering can it be fixed, as we pray and look for answers, eyes fixated toward the sky


The 21st Century

The turn of the century also brought to U.S. soil, the worst attack in our history, an attack like no other attack

Where we knew, we had entered a whole new realm and that there might not be another opportunity to go back

All eyes were looking ahead, wondering from where such hate did come, why were we targeted, what did we miss

All generations came together knowing that we are all in this together and that fact, we could never again, dismiss

For a time, we loved and cared for one another, until the time came, when almost suddenly, we did not

Politics, radical persuasive thoughts and threats at one another came between and a small amount of difference, turned into a lot

Each generation up until now has learned, that we didn't have it all so bad, why didn't we all take note, have we all been failed

Can we get back to such a time of knowing peace and love and kindness or has that ship already sailed?



As I've scrolled through my pictures of previous articles, I long for there to be more articles of hope and less of despair

I want us all to learn again that we are all in this together and that the generations of us all together, can get there

A consummate optimist, can never give up on a future of one that is good, safe, moral and real

But, even an optimist has their moments of wavering faith, even an optimist has moments which are dark and surreal

I'll not end this on a sad note, I'll not seek out all that I personally feel, is to blame

I'll simply look into the mirror at my reflection, asking what can I do better going forward ~ will you join me in doing the same?

Come on People now.....

© 2022 Angie B Williams

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