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*Eternal Battle*


The Eternal Battle Of Darkness And Light
The Everlasting Constant Fight
Of Negative Thoughts That
Drag You Under
Embrace You, Conceal You
And Make You Blunder
Make You Think You're Useless And Shit
Make You At Home In A Dark Deep Pit
Of Which There Is No Escape
Until Light Shines Through
And You Manage To Scrape
Your Way From The Bottom To Top
Its A Long Way Down, Try Not To Drop
The Journey Is Rough And It Wont Be Fun
No Matter The Risk It Must Be Done
It Might Seem Impossible
But Try Not To Quit
Darkness Just Loves
When You Submit
Find Some Light In Whatever You Can
One Step At A Time Is The Best Plan
I Know You Can Do This
Break Out Of The Dark
To Start Your Light
We First Need A Spark
Remember The Person You Once Were
Even If The Memories Are Just A Blur
Remember Being Happy
Remember Your Life
Whatever Makes You
Put Down That Knife
Darkness And Light Are Always At War
I Know Some Real Work Is In Store
I Really Need Light To Win
So I Can Crawl Out Of This Hole
And Correct This Tailspin

© 2020 Mike