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Erotic Poetry - All We Needed Was Silence

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

Erotic Poetry - All We Needed Was Silence

Erotic Poetry - All We Needed Was Silence

I asked her if she was uncomfortable
She replied she's doing OK
I want to be gentle
I don't want her to feel any discomfort
And with her permission
I continued

Under this old shack
At a beach where everybody knows
There's a spot covered in darkness
That was our spot that night
There was no moonlight
Thus, all we needed was silence

I pulled down my guard
And she took my castle towers by her hand
Her lips were soft
She talked slowly
With words, I could not understand

I couldn't tell her to stop
But I know that was enough
I had to be fair
Because our union was out of love

She tempted me
She offered her back
I handled her Levis with ease
It was not slow
I had to be quick
Her jeans align perfectly
Half-way from her hips, to her knees

I used one hand
Grabbed both of hers
And place them behind her back
I was about to make an arrest
I balanced our awkward position
With my other hand pulling her hair
Slightly raising her head

She had no complaints
And I felt obliged to deliver
Thus, I slowly went in
She opened her heart
I can sense from her voice
That my love
Has penetrated the deepest part of her soul

That night was perfect
My sword
Found his sheath
I asked her not to close her eyes
As I repeatedly increased my reach

What started slow
Progressed to something violent
Or, let's use the word passionate
She's calling my name
The moonlight surprised us when it came

I can't hold this burst of happiness
And she's quick to accept
Some on her face
While the rest on her chest

That was quick
But we didn't leave a mess
True love in darkness
Knows how to take care
And it's about respect

Time to end this escaped
Let the sea breeze rest
And what transpired be ever recorded
In the sands of time
Forever in our memory
And until we shall do it again

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