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Epic Military Space Fiction

When I began writing the Space Village One series I began with a common thread. A wife escaping an abusive husband.

2060 and the World is full of Dictatorships

The British Democratic Republic previously known as the United Kingdom had evolved from a failure by its democratically elected government to hold to account minister's who blatantly abused their positions.It was inevitable really, that the worst of the top tier in a class system biased in their favour would grab power from under the noses of those with principles. How do principled people resist the temptation of greed in all its forms. In the end what was the point of resistance when all your colleagues were gorging themselves on the £ms available in the Treasury.

To ordinary people like Melissa society appeared to change quite gradually, almost without notice until it was too late. As it was with her marriage. One minute she was married to the most fabulous man in the BDR, the actual President. Next the real man she married emerged from the shadows piece by piece until she discovered all she had thought about him was a delusion. Now, determined to escape him, she made her plans. Seeking the safe haven of Space Village One on the very day it announced its independence. With war seeming imminent she continued her journey two hundred and thirty miles above the Earth's surface. Hope still in her heart.

Space Village One

Escaping an abusive partner is as tough in 2060 as it was in 2020. Except you have further to run.

Escaping an abusive partner is as tough in 2060 as it was in 2020. Except you have further to run.

Space Village One

The reason I gave my novel the title Space Village One rested on a conclusion I reached about the way human beings need to feel familiar about their environment whether it's on Mars or a station in space. Calling it something colloquial rather than a numbered station provided its inhabitants with a sense of Earthliness not found elsewhere in space. If humans are to live for decades in an artificial environment the more it relates to Earth the better it will prove for all of them.

Epic Military Space Scenarios

If like me you enjoyed Babylon 5, which I admit was an inspiration for me to create Space Village One. I hope you'll be able to catch a sense of Babylon 5 with my series. Clearly, the main difference is that Space Village One orbits the Earth and is therefore susceptible to demands made of it by the countries on the surface. It's 2060 and more dictatorships control the larger coiuntries than ever before. Democracy isn't dead simply reduced. However, Space Village One (SV1) after two decades orbiting the Earth has created its own social system that has no currency or class system. It is a group of one hundred and fifty scientists and engineers who have taken the equality route.

Without military aboard SV1 might be considered vulnerable. However, discoveries on Mars and Venus that reveal both planets offer resources of ore that effectively make Earth materials redundant is part of the reason why SV1 becomes more of a challenge to governments on the surface after it claims independence.

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Who is Bob Price?

I've been writing articles and short stories for more than forty years. With my first crime novel published in 1995 by Allison & Busby in London and in 1996 by Skriftskallern in Sweden. Since 2020 I've written ten fiction novels covering crime, political satire, science fiction, supernatural and westerns. I guess you might consider me a multi-genre fiction writer.

I am very interested in politics because in the UK we appear to have lost the old guard who maintained some semblance of principles and replaced them with a shower of shameless, unscrupulous and uninhibited hounds only interested in themselves. My political satires reflect my views as do all my works. Space Village One is a possibility of what might happen to the UK by 2060. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

Space Village One - The Video

Review of Space Village One

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    Summary Melissa couldn’t believe that her heart has once been captured by Mervyn Buxton, president of the British Democratic Republic. When he started hurting her physically to uplift his mood, she realized he could be a borderline impulsive psychopa

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