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Environmental Pollution and Tree-Farming Importance


we need to think about that what we think and what we gain by our thought


life without a love is like a tree.

without blossoms and fruits

Environmental Pollution And Tree-Farming Importance

The environment in which we live today is very polluted and as the world moves forward, all these pollution's will also increase.
There are usually three types of pollutants in the world: water pollution, environmental pollution, and air pollution.
All three are dangerous to man, but environmental pollution is more dangerous because the environment is the one in which all human beings are children, young, old.
But the impact of environmental pollution is not so much as the rest.
What is the cause of environmental pollution?
The reason is very simple: garbage on the ground, germs, living in a bad environment, not fixing it, polluting the environment and human beings are here to stay and do all their work here, so they get quickly polluted.
Now, how to eliminate environmental pollution? It is clear that all these solutions are trees.
Trees are the blessing of God, who lives for others, not for himself.
The more trees we have in our environment, the more diseases we will be overcome.
Trees not only control, environmental pollution, but also eliminate air pollution.
Now, how does the tree eliminate pollution?
The accumulation of water on our soil is also a cause of germs and pollution, but if there were trees and water fell, the trees would have taken it for use, so would not be germs.
In this modern age, the vehicles have a smoke, and the solution is trees because the tree has this power, it gives the wind to the bad air.
The more trees we have, the more we will be away from air pollution.


Effect of Pollution on Birds

Trees are the home of birds in which they live. There were the most trees in the world after the creation of the universe. The birds spent their lives in the trees. There used to be less polluting than at that time where many species of birds were found. Birds play a very important role in our lives because their beautiful voice calms people down and their colorful features make them more attractive to people. Many species of birds are now extinct due to pollution, and birds are no longer visible due to the absence of trees