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3 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Your mental health matters. This topic is important to talk about because mental health is something that impact a lot of people right now.


Anxiety is a Mental Health disorder that impacted people in the world due to worrying a lot, having fears about things, and feeling very anxious.

1.Writing about your Anxiety or Making journal talk about your Anxiety.

Writing about your Anxiety is a great way to open about how you feel about your Anxiety because it will help you understand your Anxiety. Making a Journal or diary to talk about your Anxiety is another great way you talk about your thoughts and how you feel.

2.Talking to someone you trust about your Anxiety.

Let’s someone know what you are going through because it’s important to talk to someone about your Anxiety because they can give you the help you need by helping you get professional help, treatments/Medication, and just being there for you.

3. Activities and hobbies you enjoy doing.

Activities and hobbies are a great way to cope with your Anxiety because doing something you like or love would help with your Anxiety. Activities or hobbies can help you be less stressed out or not worry about things.

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