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English as International Language

This article is completely about the factors which make English a universal language

English as International Language

There are many languages spoken as an international language in the world and English is one of them. It has been spoken about all over the world and there are many aspects of its importance. The English endured many years colonizing regions of the planet and this is a significant justification for why English is viewed as a global language. The second aspect is entertainment, Hollywood movies and shows are hit and likened by people all over the world. Another aspect is English is the international language of games and technology, online gaming, and the language of academies. The crucial aspect of learning English is it is easy to learn. As compared to the other languages English has a fewer alphabet, easy to understanding word classes, semantics, and semiotics are given more importance than syntactic structure.

More than 75 percent of users of English are non-native speakers. English is spoken in multiple countries around the world as a native, second, or foreign language by millions of people. It is used habitually in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the Republic of South Africa, Liberia, New Zealand, India, and many other territories. In addition, this language is taught in schools in almost every state in the world. It is used for educational, mass media, economic, and political purposes. From the beginning of the 20th century, English spread was determined by the economic and political supremacy of the United States. After World War II, it was chosen as a universal language for international interactions as their growing number did not allow to run multiple expensive multilingual operations. In addition, globalization, broadcasting, the Internet, advertising, popular culture, and tourism contributed to the spread of English as well. Nevertheless, in general, the paradigm of English as an international language suggests that the spread of this language cannot be currently viewed as the result of colonization or migration as it involves multiple issues, reasons, and backgrounds.

  • Business and finance:

English is used in business and for financial purposes all over the world. In order to expand a business, a company needs employees and ideas from all over the world at that time for sake of communication English is required.

  • Hollywood blockbuster:

Most actors from the whole world want to work in Hollywood because of its popularity all over the world. It has a huge fan following that’s why the people who watch Hollywood movies learn English through movies very quickly.

  • Books and literature:
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English literature is a reflection of the world’s history and many non-native writers wrote stories in English. Due to becoming an international language the books and literature written in English tend to be read by massive readers and writers get good income from it.

  • Travel:

The people who love travel and are travelers have to learn different international languages to communicate.

  • Simplicity:

English is very simple to learn due to its grammar which is very conceptual and thesaurus has been provided to help learners. Many people uploaded English learning tutorials as they demand usage on youtube applications and other websites.


The English language has a great impact on the societies it is triggering the British culture and also influencing the western culture to the whole world with language.

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