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End of human sufferning

Close roads in the dark

Trying to explain the mind of lakhs. But he was halplessly defeated with serious difficulties

No, the mind does not understand of see anything. Darkness is visible in all the paths.

The darkness of adversity is so intense that.

No gleaming thin ray of light.

I want to see only one line.

Find out from which the dawn of life.

But no sorrow is so wide that there is no limit.

Happiness cannot be brought even by the light of the sun.

Life broke badly due to immense pain.

No there is no shining star of hope.

It was said that the zeal wave of life.

Who ate the desire to live this life

No feeling now there is nothing left.

No hope now life is colorful.

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Agony, guilt, sarcasm, it seems small now.

Life has passed through these big blows.

Everything that was scattered in the moment was a little bit.

Was not many or many was a little.

Didn't get anything if you wished.

Then the downfall would have been worse than this.

Do it now, is it not even there, now it is just a pity.

Life has become completely empty of desire.

Darkness swallowed the path which was worth walking.

The noise of these darkness is not stopping here.

New path not visible in the shadow of mist.

Go said when everything went blank.

No the desire to live in life now felt sad.

The path is heard, the life is heard, everyone has heard it.

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